Record learning

Classroom documentation without strings.

Flexibility and convenience are key in early learning environments. Easily capture learning when and where it happens or whenever your schedule allows. Educa is designed to ensure that no opportunity for documentation is missed, facilitating a rich and dynamic educational narrative without tedious busy-work.

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Capture images, video, and/or text

Start documenting right away. Whether it’s snapping photos, recording videos, or documenting stories and observations in text, Educa’s user-friendly interface ensures that documenting learning is simple and intuitive.

Connect your curriculum

Educa comes pre-loaded with multiple early childhood frameworks and can also connect to development milestones or proprietary learning objectives. Align your teaching practices and observations through seamless integration with your chosen curriculum or educational standards.

Record the group while embracing individual outcomes

With Educa, you can effortlessly capture group activities while embracing each child’s individual growth.  Unlock the ability to deliver truly personalised learning narratives despite time constraints and loaded classrooms.

Take your practice on-the-go

With Educa, you can effortlessly capture group activities while embracing each child’s individual growth.  Unlock the ability to deliver truly personalised learning narratives despite time constraints and loaded classrooms.

Share learning

Early childhood education is a team effort.

It takes a village to raise a child. Educa brings the village together – teachers, parents, grandparents, and more – by privately sharing learning journeys with the people who can influence and inspire them the most.

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Capitalize on the power of collaboration

Two-way engagement with parents, extended family members, and specialists is a powerful way to promote true learning and growth. Educa allows you to bridge the gap between a child’s early learning experiences and the learning happening outside the classroom.

Provide meaningful, real-time communication

Share stories, moments, routines, and private messages as they happen in real time or when you have time to reflect. Send classroom news and important announcements or distribute forms and policies, all from a single platform.

Empower team productivity

The Educa platform is built for teams to engage, connect, and coordinate amongst themselves as well. Create a cohesive, productive, and motivating workspace where staff can share lesson plans, collaborate on curriculum, facilitate coaching and mentoring opportunities, and more.

Protect and secure what’s being shared

Educa’s number one priority is the safety and security of your data and information. Additionally, the platform offers robust privacy controls to allow centres to maintain full control over the information being shared and who it is shared with.


Decisions fuelled by true learning outcomes.

Educa empowers you to make informed decisions by centralizing data collection on a single platform. Utilize comparative analytics to enhance your practice and identify areas of excellence versus opportunities for improvement.

Synchronize center-wide data and reporting

Our system simplifies data gathering and organization, ensuring compliance with educational regulatory requirements. Your data becomes not only easily collected, but relevant, transparent, and compliant.

Alleviate administrative burdens

Educa simplifies and streamlines administrative tasks. Create, share, and manage schedules, forms, and routines seamlessly while easily tracking activities and milestones. Free up educator time to focus on inspiring learning.

Elevate and empower educators

Inspire your staff to engage in continuous development and learning. The Educa platform provides a dedicated space for educators to reflect and evaluate on their practice, enhance their teaching skills, and nurture their growth.

Put your needs first

Educa is designed to adapt to the unique needs, structures, and goals of your institution. Whether you oversee a single school or a network of 50, our platform scales seamlessly to accommodate your requirements.

Educa gives educators more time to focus on quality interactions with the children rather than paperwork. It cuts administration time in half.
Julie McClay
Teacher, Cluny Kindergarten - California, USA

Your trusted partner

At Educa, we get it – choosing the right tools in early childhood education is make or break. You are tasked with the important responsibility of shaping the young minds of our community. We’re more than just a software; we are your trusted partner in supporting this pursuit to build lifelong learners.

Let us guide you in determining if Educa is the right fit for your needs and help you navigate the path to seamless adoption and success.

Educa is perfect for early educators.

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