Millennial parents are busy

Parents Are Changing. Is Your Early Learning Service?

Three Secrets to Parent Engagement In the Digital Age You don’t need a list of stats to tell you that the millennial parent is: Glued to her phone Short on time Increasingly focused on results No doubt, many of today’s … Read More

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learning stories

The Magic of Learning Stories

Bringing Learning To Life Like any good book, every learning story has a plot and a hero. In a learning story, the hero is always the child. And instead of an epic battle in an enchanted forest, a learning story … Read More

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Concordia after school service

Case Study: An After School Service Uses Educa

CONCORDIA OSHC USES EDUCA TO KEEP EVERYBODY INVOLVED Educa is primarily used by early learning services, schools and camps. However, we have had good success recently with after school services (out of school hours), which we thought was worth sharing. … Read More

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kelly goodsir interview

Thought Leader Interview: Kelly Goodsir

ON MAKING EARLY EDUCATION TRULY CHILD CENTRIC AND PERSONAL, NOT COPY AND PASTE Educa recently interviewed Kelly Goodsir, a provocateur and thought leader in the Australian early childhood education sector. After years in various roles in New Zealand and Australia … Read More

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theory of loose parts

Loose Parts Theory: Less Toys More Materials

Kelly Goodsir on The Theory of Loose Parts For instance, Thomas trains … tell children HOW these trains should behave and this is taken on through their role play – in a way it is already prescribed, the characters already … Read More

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learner dispositions matter

Thought Leader Interview: PreK Learner Dispositions Over Pre-Academics?

SARAH BIEN, HILLTOP CHILDREN’S CENTER On the Value of Play, School Readiness, Learner Dispositions & More Educa Interviews Hilltop Master Teacher, Sarah Bien [On School Readiness] “Learner dispositions …  can be far more valuable than, say, a thorough understanding of … Read More

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childcare software buyers guide

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide For Early Childhood Education Software

HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT CHILDCARE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR CENTER So you have decided to get early childhood education software for your service. Congratulations!  Determining when it’s the right time to take your parent engagement and learning documentation online is … Read More

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skeptical on value of preschool

How To Sell Early Childhood Education To A Skeptic

WHY THE CASE FOR EARLY EDUCATION HAS NOT BEEN MADE (& HOW TO CHANGE THAT!) Early educators could be excused for feeling a little frustrated these days. It really shouldn’t be this way, but they still feel like they have … Read More

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child care crisis and money

America’s Child Care Crisis (and Ways to Respond)

AFFORDABILITY, QUALITY & ACHIEVEMENT GAPS President Trump has put America’s child care crisis back in the headlines with his child care plan, which aims squarely at affordability. He is not alone in describing the child care sector as in crisis. In a … Read More

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Pre-K Debates

The Pre-K Debate Goes On – Educa Interviews Yale’s Walter Gilliam

YALE PROFESSOR AND AUTHOR UPDATES US ON ISSUES IN HIS BOOK, THE PRE-K DEBATES More than five years after his book The Pre-K Debates, early childhood education expert Water Gilliam, PhD, is still actively examining the most debated pre-K issues. … Read More

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