learner dispositions matter

Thought Leader Interview: PreK Learner Dispositions Over Pre-Academics?

SARAH BIEN, HILLTOP CHILDREN’S CENTER On the Value of Play, School Readiness, Learner Dispositions & More Educa Interviews Hilltop Master Teacher, Sarah Bien [On School Readiness] “Learner dispositions …  can be far more valuable than, say, a thorough understanding of … Read More

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childcare software buyers guide

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide For Early Childhood Education Software

HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT CHILDCARE SOFTWARE FOR YOUR CENTER So you have decided to get early childhood education software for your service. Congratulations!  Determining when it’s the right time to take your parent engagement and learning documentation online is … Read More

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skeptical on value of preschool

How To Sell Early Childhood Education To A Skeptic

WHY THE CASE FOR EARLY EDUCATION HAS NOT BEEN MADE (& HOW TO CHANGE THAT!) Early educators could be excused for feeling a little frustrated these days. It really shouldn’t be this way, but they still feel like they have … Read More

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child care crisis and money

America’s Child Care Crisis (and Ways to Respond)

AFFORDABILITY, QUALITY & ACHIEVEMENT GAPS President Trump has put America’s child care crisis back in the headlines with his child care plan, which aims squarely at affordability. He is not alone in describing the child care sector as in crisis. In a … Read More

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Pre-K Debates

The Pre-K Debate Goes On – Educa Interviews Yale’s Walter Gilliam

YALE PROFESSOR AND AUTHOR UPDATES US ON ISSUES IN HIS BOOK, THE PRE-K DEBATES More than five years after his book The Pre-K Debates, early childhood education expert Water Gilliam, PhD, is still actively examining the most debated pre-K issues. … Read More

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Trump child care plan

How The Trump Child Care Plan Could Reshape Early Education

NEW SPENDING POWER IN CHILD CARE COULD HAVE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES President Trump included a proposal for a $500 billion child care plan in his address to Congress in February, 2017. This led to a headline, “unlikely champion of affordable child … Read More

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Sharing Learning with Parent

9 Surprising Benefits of Shared Learning in Early Eduction

USING TECHNOLOGY TO ENGAGE AND COLLABORATE WITH PARENTS Technology is changing for preschools and early education programs. Secure online sharing software now makes it possible for preschools to include family members in the daily learning. Teachers send individual and group stories … Read More

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Early Achievers rating

Interview on Early Achievers Ratings with WA Child Care Aware CEO, Robin Lester

HOW AN EARLY ACHIEVERS RATING CAN HELP YOUR PROGRAM Educa would like to thank Robin Lester, CEO of Child Care Aware of WA. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on the past, present and future of the Early Achievers rating program. … Read More

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Reggio-inspired education

How Reggio-Inspired Preschools Use Educa’s Online Software

HOW EDUCA SUPPORTS THE DOCUMENTATION & COMMUNICATION NEEDS OF REGGIO EMILIA The number of centers in that label themselves as Reggio-inspired or that belong to groups like the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance or the Australian Reggio Emilia Info Exchange is actually … Read More

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How Educa provides QRIS help

Using Educa to Boost Your State Quality Rating Score

Affordable QRIS Help – Verifiable Gains in Family Engagement & Documentation It’s hard to ignore the growing influence of QRIS in early childhood education in the United States. These state by state quality ratings are working because they are helping … Read More

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