build relationships in ECE

Build Relationships in ECE Using Learning Stories

Making Connections to Children, Families and Peers When we describe ourselves, we usually compare ourselves in relation to others. We say we are a parent, teacher, writer, sibling, etc. That’s how we define ourselves.  What this means is that our relationships define us and that everyone has a story. Learning Stories, are an important self

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writing about yourself

Sharing Yourself in Your Learning Stories

The Teacher Can Be Part of the Story Many people feel like they are a teacher, but not always seen as a human being.  This is because convention calls for the documentation of children’s progress to be objective.  By contrast Learning Stories are an opportunity to humanize our role as teachers, to become part of

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teacher buy-in

How to Get Teacher Buy-In for Learning Stories

A Center Director Shares Her Process If you want to get fellow educators into Learning Stories, you will need leadership and change management skills. Change is not always an easy process, and some people will resist change. So, to effectively convince others to follow suit by implementing Learning Stories in their programs, you need to

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SALSA National Learning Story Conference

5th National Learning Stories Conference Sharpening Our Voices, Identities and Relationships Through the Power of Historias, Cuentos & Narrative Texts​ save the date Join us virtually for the 5th National Learning Stories Conference on October 1, 2022!   This online gathering will provide thought-provoking and inspiring workshops to choose from with keynotes by internationally acclaimed

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a young child observes a picture book

Authentic Assessment – What, Why, and Examples

Authentic Assessment – What, Why, and Examples Traditional early childhood assessments focus on what children can do in specific domains at a particular time. These assessments often rely on direct observations of children’s skills and abilities to make inferences about their learning. However, recent years have seen a shift towards more authentic forms of assessment.

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Educa Launches Professional Training Platform – Learning Story Academy

Welcome to Learning Story Academy! The Educa Team is excited to announce the launch of our specialized training platform for Learning Stories & related teaching practice. Learning Story Academy offers live webinars, book study & inquiry groups, and pre-recorded video courses – led by experts from around the world. view courses Our Why Our mission is to

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Reviving the Educator

We know that the Early Childhood Education sector is experiencing a climate of fatigue, and now more than ever we need to be resilient and challenge this discourse by working to understand and prioritize wellness and wellbeing. In a recent Educa webinar, Early Years Consultant Nicole Talarico offers solutions to ‘Reviving the Educator’, you can

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Seeing the child through a Montessori lens: 9 Takeaways

  Framing early childhood development and education through a Montessori lens is not only fascinating, but makes sense.   Montessori is a worldwide approach that says education should work “with the nature of the child, not against it” and focuses on individuals not groups, according the Montessori Institute. Executive Officer of Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand,

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