Bring parents & educators together to extend learning

Our private online platform will set your early learning service apart.

Early education software to document learning
and stimulate parent engagement.

Engage Parents

Build strong parent-teacher connections with compelling communication around learning. Informed parents feedback and collaborate, extending the learning in class and at home.

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A Platform For Growth

Professional messaging, linked to learning goals, attracts new families and builds customer loyalty.  Flexible tools that raise service levels and streamline communication and documentation.

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Foster Quality Practice

For educators focused on high quality practice. Sharing online helps peer collaboration and mentoring. Links in observations provide evidence of outcomes in line with standards. Quick and easy, all in one place.

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Communications, Made Easy

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Messaging in one place

Notices, newsletters or updates on a child — send to all parents, some or just one.

Simplifying communication >

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Engage parents one by one

Create strong parent-teacher connections by sharing deep learning about a child, far beyond simple photo sharing.

Benefits of shared learning >

Private and secure

Educa is a private community with approval and privacy settings to protect information.

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Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Less Paper

Daily sheets, planning, documentation of learning, policies, notices, newsletters — all online.

Pre-Loaded Curriculum

Inform parents and follow required standards by connecting to any learning goals — state guidelines, custom sets or your own curriculum.

Track Activity

Educa has reports on child progress, teacher and parent activity.

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All In One Place

Documentation and conversations in each child’s portfolio. Easier to manage, less is missed.

Child Portfolios

Everything related to the child is in one downloadable portfolio. This includes planning and other modules.

High Engagement

Parents see important messages, and they give feedback on their child.

Easier Than You Think

Educa was developed with the guidance of several leading early educators and academics. They advised us to make Educa:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible

We listened! While the software manages complexity around linking, privacy settings and more behind the scenes, it looks like what you do on paper, not accounting software.

If you do need help, our support team will be there every step of the way, along with our Help Resources website.

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"Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it."
Jane Peterson Teacher, Early Learners
“Fantastic way to communicate with families. Easy, effective and efficient. Saves precious time for teachers by providing a simple format."
Kellie Booth Owner & Founder, Riverbed Montessori
"From a business owner’s perspective the move to Educa has been an investment. It engages our families and educators more than ever. We’ll never look back."
Susan Phua Managing Director, Wild Things Child Care