What is Educa?

Educa is a web-based portfolio of a child's growth and development at an early childhood centre. It allows parents and early childhood teachers to share a child's journey and gain valuable feedback. With over 60,000 active children and 90,000+ users in 85 countries around the world we know you will love Educa like they do.


Educa takes learning into the home and across the world as it happens, engaging all members of the extended family. Parents will become your advocates and promote your service to the wider community. Educa completes the learning circle by enabling parents to support learning at home and contribute feedback to educators to enhance their child’s learning and sense of wellbeing.

So Easy

We understand users of Educa will have a wide range of IT skills. Knowing that, we’ve made Educa simple and easy to use. It’s a powerful effective tool for educators and parents that will save you time and make your life easier.


Educa provides FREE iOS and Android apps for download to mobile devices. The Educa Touch app means parents and family members can view stories, images and videos of their child’s learning at home, work or while on the go. Parents can also create stories using their devices and share them securely with educators.


Using Educa online portfolios reduce your footprint on the planet. Portfolios can be completely electronic and able to be accessed by parents and extended family anywhere in the world.



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Make life easier for teachers

We are blown away with the feedback we are getting from family on Educa. We have had more feedback in three weeks on Educa than in the last three years on our family blog.

Irene McAllister Owner / Manager - KIDSPACE Quality Early Learning Centre


Teachers have access to a secure e-profile page for each child in their care. They can attach learning stories/observations to individual children's e-profile pages, or assign one learning story to a group of children with the click of a button.  All e-profiles and learning stories are secure and easily accessible by teachers and families at any time.

Learning stories/Observations

Educa provides simple and flexible ways for creating learning stories, observations and group stories. Learning stories can be linked to teaching goals. If you use Curriculum, any early learning framework or your own philosophies, you can link the teaching outcomes to them with little effort. All learning stories are printable so you can file copies in children’s profile books.


With Educa's built-in Curriculum Library you can quickly link any observation to the relevant learning goals, what a time saver! You can even create your very own curriculum based on individual requirements. It's a fantastic feature that links directly into our reporting tools too, creating a personalised learning report for each child.

Reports Module

Educa provides a range of comprehensive reports which demonstrate children's learning using tables and graphics. These reports help centres and teachers understand children's learning progress, providing great tools to improve learning outcomes and to keep track of curriculum activities. The reports are also a great tool to demonstrate parental engagement at your centre.

Story approval

Educa offers a simple review process that enables authorised teaching staff to approve learning stories before they are sent to families. Early learning centres can use this feature to ensure a consistently high-quality service is provided to every child’s family. This feature is optional and can be switched off if not required.

Parent stories

We understand the importance of keeping children’s families involved in their early childhood education, so we enable parents and families to write learning stories within Educa. With parent stories, teachers will stay informed about a child’s interests and family experiences as well as sharing information about children’s learning progress. .

Mobile Apps

Teachers can document children's learning anywhere with the innovative iPhone and Android apps. The Educa apps make it easy to take photos and videos so teachers can capture moments in a child's learning journey as they happen. Teachers can also create learning stories using the apps and give feedback on parent stories.

Centre-wide messages

Whether you want to send a newsletter, daily update or event reminder, Educa makes sure that all parents will receive these important updates direct to their inboxes. In addition, parents can comment on or respond to centre-wide messages. Educa also provides a teacher message area which can be accessed only by teachers.

Simple photo sharing

Teachers can easily attach and upload photos to learning stories and send them to the parents and family of children in their care. This helps teachers document learning progress and gives parents the comfort of knowing what their child is been up to.

Secure video

We take centres' and parents' privacy seriously and understand that posting children’s video on YouTube, Facebook or other public video sharing services can cause security concerns. All videos posted in Educa are stored securely and access is strictly restricted to the centre and each child’s parents.

Automated notifications

Educa is set up to automatically notify intended recipients by email, so you can be confident that your messages are always getting through. All individual updates and centre wide communications are also accessible through the website, so lost emails and files will never be a problem again!

Secure access

We take the security of your centre's data seriously. No one can access any of your centre's information or communications until they are invited to use Educa and have been given a valid login. Learning stories and observations, photos/videos and other relevant information about individual children is securely held, so only the children’s own parents can view it.

No software installation

Educa is delivered online via internet browsers. This makes a difference, as unlike traditional desktop software, there is no software installation required. You don’t need to worry about the painful upgrade and maintenance process - all you need to do is to use it. We will take all the hassles away for you, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Share in your child’s learning activities

With Educa you can share in your child’s activities and daily routine, all online. Educa gives you a unique insight into your child's learning by combining the advantages of the internet with a portfolio. You can see photos and read stories about their day as they happen or at your own convenience. Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from Educa.

Mobile Apps

You and your family can access new stories about your child from anywhere with the native iPhone and Android apps. You can even nominate grandparents and other relatives so they can log on to view your child’s learning. Being able to easily view photos, watch videos and read learning stories means you can keep up to date and feel more involved in your child's education.

Talk with your teacher

Does the same person pick Luke up every day? Is his teacher already gone when you are finally off work and arrive to pick him up? With Educa you can talk to your child's teacher online, make comments on learning stories and talk about future goals for your child. You can also create your own stories to share interests and knowledge about your family with the centre. Educa makes it convenient for you to keep up a high level of communication with your child’s teacher/s.

What newsletter?

We all know how a piece of paper can magically disappear... no more of that! All newsletters, notices about field trips and forms for picture day are stored online. You no longer have to search through piles of paper or ask for a new copy, you simply log on to Educa and have all the information right in front of you.

Sharing pictures, videos and stories

With everything online, your children’s photos, videos and stories are available at home. This means you can download, print and frame pictures right away and still have access to the original images. You can also take photos and create your own stories at home to share with your child’s centre.

Secure data

At Educa we put children first; part of that means keeping their data safe, ensuring only authorised users get access. Only the teachers and family members can view your child's data. Everything is stored safely on our server using SSL encryption - the same security banks use - so you know your data is safe.

Access anywhere, any time

Educa is designed so that you can access it from your computer and mobile device, anywhere and anytime you have internet access. There are no restrictions and you don't have to remember to return it to the centre after you borrow it (like a hard copy portfolio). Educa is always there.

A plan for every centre size

30 child profiles
Unlimited storage
Telephone support
SSL encryption
Data backup
$49 + GST
per customer, per month
Free Trial
60 child profiles
Unlimited storage
Telephone support
SSL encryption
Data backup
$79 + GST
per customer, per month
Free Trial
100 child profiles
Unlimited storage
Telephone support
SSL encryption
Data backup
$99 + GST
per customer, per month
Free Trial
100+ child profiles
Unlimited storage
Telephone support
SSL encryption
Data backup
$1 + GST
per child, per month
Free Trial

Running a chain of centres?

If you have a group of centres or even just specific requirements, we're here to help! We can customise a plan to suit your specific requirements or discuss new features that you need. Please contact us to discuss your requirements today.



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Our customers are enjoying the benefits

Case Study: Acorn Early Learning Centre

Parents’ feedback has been very positive and the number of parents logging in has significantly increased. As well as improving communication between the centre and parents, it is helping parents to be more connected with their children’s day. Recently, for example, one of the children at the centre was excited to be going to his first athletic evening. One of our teachers was there and took a photo. When she got home she uploaded it to Educa. The parents were delighted to see the photo on the same evening as the event, especially as the boy’s father had been at work and unable to attend.

Educa was one of the best changes we made to our centre in 2011. It is a worthwhile investment that has made Acorn an even better centre for the families who come here.

Case Study: Opunake Kindergarten

If you are looking for an easy, time-saving and holistic way to document children’s learning in your centre, you need look no further than the web-based portfolio system Educa.

Our teachers now find it much easier to add stories to every child’s on-line Profile book, as opposed to only their own group. The feedback teachers get from families about stories is fantastic – teachers feel appreciated and that their time and work is valued. Teachers also feel that children’s learning and development is benefitting.