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Our learning story platform makes learning visible.
Real conversations with families set up interactions
with children that support better learning outcomes.

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Simpler compliance

Share learning stories with families and save into evidence as you go – build child portfolios, file DRDP ratings.

engage parents

Communicate effectively

Share each child’s unique journey – start meaningful conversations with families and peers.  

Make Learning Visible

Educational outcomes are enhanced when teachers truly understand their children, and when teachers and families work together.

Our learning story software helps teachers focus on each child’s unique story and journey.

And it gives them a way to capture success in an open-ended narrative, not restricted by check boxes.

It’s a process that builds understanding and a format that engages families. 

Educa is a complete educational solution. We support learning stories, planning, supporting documentation, assessments and teacher professional development.

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Capture Learning With Stories

Educa uses learning story templates to help educators document and share learning growth in a personal and compelling way. Stories go to a portfolio that parents will value.

Teacher Mentoring & Reflection

Teachers have a private workspace on Educa for documents, reflection or inquiry, professional plans and appraisal goals. There is also a story review mentoring feature. More here

Link to Any Framework

Link your learning stories to any public framework or your own proprietary goals. Build a portfolio that vividly relates a child’s learning journey and in the US, link to the DRDP to meet rating requirements.

Collect Information in One Place

Collect child information using our customizable form templates, with parent contributions at your option. Each child profile has plans, family information, assessment ratings, stories and image galleries.

Reports, Reports, Reports

Reports on learning for each child, on parent engagement, on teacher activity and more help you understand your service and save time in compliance.

Replace Multiple Logins With One

Replace social media, blogs, photo-sharing and other apps with Educa. Everything in one place, everyone in your team on the same page. And one channel for parents. It’s a win for everyone.

Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Portfolios - Print, Save

Share with families and save to a portfolio in one click. Download or print as needed.

Forms & Assessments

Use our form builder to put everything online for easy access, e.g., staff appraisals, service review forms, child assessments.

Any Curriculum

Upload any framework or goal set or create your own. Then link to anything you write in Educa.

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Document Portal

Share policies and resources with teachers only or with parents also.


Create lesson plans, individual and group plans. Work individually or collaborate. Share with parents, link to stories.

Foreign Language Versions

Users can choose Educa in English (default), Maori, Mandarin, Spanish or Arabic.

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Partners & Endorsements

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jackie lints educare“Educa gives us a place to build and grow the picture of a child. This story can be shared with parents and future teachers, which they can contribute to and work in partnership with the centre to build these skills at home. A true partnership, where else can you get this?!”


“It also allows us to set organisational goals for teachers and centres so that they can go on an educational journey, and be reflective and evaluative of what they do. It is a tool that can create time, and a tool that allows us to lift the quality of what we are doing irrespective of the regulations we have to follow.”

Jackie Lints, Co-Owner, Educare Group

"Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it."
Jane Peterson Teacher, Early Learners
“Fantastic way to communicate with families. Easy, effective and efficient. Saves precious time for teachers by providing a simple format."
Kelli Booth Owner & Founder, Riverhead Montessori
"From a business owner’s perspective the move to Educa has been an investment. It engages our families and educators more than ever. We’ll never look back."
Susan Phua Managing Director, Wild Things Child Care