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Sharing Yourself in Your Learning Stories

The Teacher Can Be Part of the Story Many people feel like they are a teacher, but not always seen as a human being.  This is because convention calls for the documentation of children’s progress to be objective.  By contrast Learning Stories are an opportunity to humanize our role as teachers, to become part of

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types of assessment in early childhood education

The Importance of Assessment in Early Childhood Education

Is Your ECE Assessment Aligned to Your Goals? by Rachel Silva I have been working at Educa for over 3 years. In that time I have read countless articles and spoken to hundreds of educators about different types of early childhood assessments. Nobody doubts the importance of assessment in early childhood education, the idea of

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Why Child Care is NOT a Substitute for Motherhood

Or How Does Early Education Get Some Respect?! In her recent article for the New York Times, Why the U.S. Has Long Resisted Universal Child Care, Claire Cain Miller discusses motherhood and professional child care as if they are equivalent. They are not. Most child care services have trained professionals. They make daily contributions to

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Understanding Toddlers and Their Behaviors

Toddlerdom is hard. It’s also a wonderful time of exploration and lots of fun to be had. Every scenario is contextual. Your response depends on your relationship with the child, the knowledge that you have of them, and the situation at hand. Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work This article is a

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Explaining the Value of ECE to a Skeptic

THE CASE FOR EARLY EDUCATION HAS NOT BEEN MADE (& HOW TO CHANGE THAT!) Early educators could be excused for feeling a little frustrated these days. It really shouldn’t be this way, but they still feel like they have to constantly justify the value of early childhood education and cheer for others who do likewise.

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