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    Meaningful online collaboration and documentation

What We Do

Educa is a private online platform where teachers document and share children’s learning. It supports Learning Stories, heart-led documentation that is assessment and a way for families and teachers to work together. 

Staff and parents login online or via our free app.


Our Why

Young children benefit immensely from teaching based on their unique learning identity and from a 24-hour education clock where learning during the day is extended at home.

Understanding a child requires real conversations between families and teachers. Extended learning at home requires an understanding of the teaching during the day. Both require frequent and meaningful sharing of learning.

Educa’s vision is to make sharing and learning visibility a seamless part of every teacher’s daily process – by making it simple and personally rewarding using Learning Stories, and other documentation tools.

Our Founding Story

Developed in New Zealand, now worldwide.

When our founder, Nathan Li, sent his daughter, Nancy, to child care in 2009 he and his wife felt disconnected. Nathan was told he would receive a scrapbook every couple of months. Nathan simply asked, why can’t I see what she is doing today? Why couldn’t learning stories be online?

And so Educa was born.

We started as simple parent engagement software supporting learning stories. However, working with ECE thought leaders and customers over the years, we now provide a full educational solution.

That process has not stopped.  As customer reporting and priorities change, Educa evolves and adapts, although always focused our core mission, to positively impact child learning outcomes at every turn.

Our Advisory Board

Educa is guided by thought leaders in early education from
around the world, helping us stick to our core mission and goals.

Kelly Goodsir, Australia

Kelly Goodsir

Kelly has her own consultancy, after a long career in early education in centre based roles, quality assurance delivery, professional development workshops and coaching.

She runs early childhood education study tours to New Zealand and is a regular presenter for Educa in our webinar series on a range of topics — from writing engaging learning stories, to working with loose objects, to ECE documentation and developing a living philosophy for your team.

Toni Christie, New Zealand

toni christie early educator thought leaderToni is the Director of Childspace Early Childhood Institute in Wellington, New Zealand. She holds a Masters degree in Education. Toni owns several early learning centres, a magazine and runs professional development seminars and workshops around the world on nature play, respectful environment design, leadership and ECE curriculum.

Miriam Dressler, USA

miriam dressler

Founder of Bloom Early Education, WA, Miriam has had 30+ years in early education as a teacher, quality consultant, teacher trainer and preschool owner.  She also presents webinars on a range of topics, all related to early childhood, including several for Educa as part of our series.  Miriam’s center was Educa’s first customer in the United States.

Susan MacDonald, USA

susan macdonald

Susan is the founder of the consulting group Inspiring New Perspectives, which focuses on leadership skill development in ECE. She has run a Reggio-inspired early childhood service and chairs BARIN, the Boston Area Reggio Inspired Network. Susan is also an author, adjunct professor, Reggio Emilia tour guide and professional speaker.

Dee Finn, New Zealand

Dee moved to New Zealand from Ireland in 2009 to seek some inspiration from NZ’s great early childhood centres and never left!  She runs the Childspace Early Learning Centres, facilitates educational workshops and mentors teachers and leaders throughout New Zealand. Dee has a strong interest in the concept of ako – teachers and children learning from each other, inquiry based teaching and learning and pedagogical leadership.

Michelle Rogers, Australia

michelle rogersMichelle has her own early childhood consultancy, called Sustainable Childcare Consultancy. She has spent 20+ years in both private and corporate childcare in various teaching and management roles. Her focus is on helping centers raise their QIP ratings, with QIP health checks, followed by a list of action items.

Megan Watson, New Zealand

megan watsonMegan has a Diploma in Teaching Early Childhood and a long career in early education. She joined Little School in Wellington in 2003 as a teacher and now since 2009 has been part of the management team. Megan is an Educa super-user.

Michael Mastelero, Australia

Michael MasteleroMichael has had a career as a centre manager, operations manager and startup coordinator for a large Australian early childhood chain. He currently oversees new centre openings and quality improvement at Bliss Early Learning. Read more here.

Diane Major, New Zealand

Diane has spent 10+ years in the early childhood sector, starting two large successful centres. Her previous career in technology was foundational in bringing innovation to her services.

Dante Posthumus, Australia

Dante was drawn to early childhood teaching in 2008, after a career in graphics design. She made Educa part of her teacher process and today is one of our most knowledgeable users.

Raewyn Penman, New Zealand

raewyn penman educa advisorRaewyn is currently Manager of Innovation & Collaboration for Kidsfirst Kindergartens. Holding an M.B.A and teaching qualifications, she has extensive experience in early childhood settings. She lectured at tertiary level and been a facilitator for a number of professional learning and development contracts. Raewyn promotes the use of digital technologies to increase communication and efficient use of teachers’ precious time.

Jeff Thomas, USA

jeff thomasJeff lives in Spokane, WA. He has had a leadership role in public and private companies in the education space for 20+ years. He is currently CEO of Scientific Learning, a neuroscience-based learning intervention company.. Learn more here

Lynette Nixon, Australia

lynette nixonLynette is a teacher turned innovation consultant for PWC in Sydney. Her interests include work with Australia’s Employee Experience movement, making a difference through empathy and human centredness. More here