• About Educa

    Using storytelling to make the most of the early years

What We Do

Educa is a secure online platform where teachers document and share children’s learning with families and for compliance – on any device.

It supports your full program cycle and heart-led storytelling instead of checklists for assessment.

Our Why

Educa believes data collection does not need to get in the way of good teaching. Stories are engaging. The writing and reading of Learning Stories help teachers and families build an understanding of child’s uniqueness.

  1. Reflective documentation, less busy work
  2. Frequent sharing among caring adults
  3. Differentiated planning and interactions

Informed adults who work together can have a profound effect on child outcomes. Educa is proud of the role it plays here – helping adults make the most of the all-important early years for each child.

Our Founding Story

Developed in New Zealand, now worldwide.

When our founder, Nathan Li, sent his daughter, Nancy, to child care in 2009 he and his wife felt disconnected. Nathan was told he would receive a scrapbook every couple of months. Nathan simply asked, why can’t I see what she is doing today? Why couldn’t learning stories be online?

And so Educa was born.

We started as simple parent engagement software supporting learning stories. However, working with ECE thought leaders and customers over the years, we now provide a full educational solution.

That process has not stopped.  As customer reporting and priorities change, Educa evolves and adapts, although always focused our core mission, to positively impact child learning outcomes at every turn.