About Educa

Enabling collaboration by those who matter most in a child's life.

founder of learning story software
Nancy and Nathan Li

Our Founding Story

Nathan Li founded Educa portfolio and learning story software to make it easier for educators and parents to share information and expand the learning.

Nathan’s daughter Nancy started attending daycare in 2009. However, Nathan and his wife felt a huge disconnection from her learning and development.

Both working full-time, they needed an easy way to stay involved.

The owner of daycare told Nathan he would receive a scrap-book every couple of months.

Nathan asked, why can’t I see what she is doing today?!

Getting Educator Input

And so Educa was born. It was about staying in touch with what Nancy was doing during the day in a way that would enable parents to participate in their child’s learning, by building on what they see happening during the day.  And is was about providing a way for educators to link that activity to learning goals.

It’s fair to say that Nathan’s first effort did the job as learning story software. However, he recognized he needed input from users to complete his design.

Nathan was resourceful and lucky enough live in  New Zealand, which has some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in early childhood education.  And so, to help make Educa a product teachers would use, he reached out to several of these leading early childhood educators, including Wendy Lee and Margaret Carr.  He asked them to review the product, and they were happy to oblige. They loved it, but did tell him, it needed to be a lot simpler to use.

That guidance lead to today’s simple design and a dedication to keeping ease of use top of mind, even as we add new features.  Other important feedback from educators was to do with making it flexible, so that educators could customize to their unique approaches.  And so Nathan built flexibility around documenting learning observations, learning stories, and linking to curriculum. Educa can handle any curriculum, with the ability to then edit and tweak once loaded. This is a hallmark feature of Educa that sets us apart.

Our Mission

Educa is proud of its role in helping parents and teachers come together to expand and grow learning.  We help early learning services engage parents like never before, and document learning linked to curriculum with a level of professionalism that had not thought they could achieve.

Early learning services that add Educa experience more family engagement and a tighter parent-teacher connection. This results in a better experience for families and teachers, and most of all, a successful early learning experience for young children.

Company Facts

  • Over 7 million updates have been documented with Educa.
  • Educa has 200,000 active users worldwide.
  • Educa was the first company to provide a mobile friendly learning story app to the ECE community.