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Help Your Service Excel

We support quality practice throughout your educational cycle.

Simplify your compliance

Collect evidence of learning in the course of your daily interactions with families and reflections on children. Use portfolios and child profile documentation for inspections, More on assessments here and DRDP ratings here.

Help teachers connect

Educa creates connectedness – with families to build an understanding of the child, and with peers to collaborate and learn from each other.

Documentation your teachers will love

Checklists are cold, time-consuming and not engaging to parents. Learning stories in Educa allow educators to celebrate a child’s success while meeting documentation needs, an approach that is life-affirming.

Mentor and train in real-time

Story review workflow gives senior educators a way to train and mentor in real time. Teacher tools, documentation and mentoring in Educa promote quality practice.

Use reports to make better decisions

Make data-driven decisions. Our reports track parental engagement, story activity, curriculum coverage and more.

Your own private website

One private, secure community – by invitation only. There are also privacy setting options inside your site controlling who sees what.

Would like to see evidence?

If it's online, it's visible!

Create procedures and documents everyone can see, and follow.

Efficient & Easy

Educa is a quick and easy online documentation tool that saves time and makes things easier. When it’s online, documentation can be shared, copied, improved upon and stored. And you save the not insignificant cost of printing.

Move your workflow online

Educa has robust documentation tools (including starting templates) to meet most service needs. e.g., quality checklists, strategic plans, hazards lists, etc. A robust document builder with collaboration and linking makes anything possible.

Designed to save time

Educa has dozens of features requested by users over severals that save time for educators and directors.

Save on printing costs

While most things in Educa can be printed, most of the time it’s not needed. Educa pays for itself many times over in print cost savings alone.

Professional development

Staff use our teacher portfolios to track professional development requirements – they can write reflections and inquiry, and add evidence from Educa as they go. Plus it’s easier to manage when all teachers are using the same system.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

"Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it."
Jane Peterson Teacher, Early Learners
"We looked at other providers but chose Educa ...The key was the software had the flexibility to fit with what we wanted and needed rather than us needing to fit with what the software could do."
Raewyn Penman Education Services Manager, Kidsfirst
"Educa gives educators more time to focus on quality interactions with the children rather than paperwork. It cuts administration time in half."
Julie McClay Cluny Kindergarten