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and build authentic family partnerships.

Documentation FOR learning

Use Learning Stories to record each child’s unique path and to reflect and plan next steps - for learning. Link to frameworks as your last step. More on learning stories as authentic assessment here.

Individualize for each child

Stories capture learning in way checklists cannot. Use the understanding and shared ideas that come from Learning Stories in Educa to differentiate your approach for each child. Work together at every step.

Teachers feel confident and supported

Teachers work in teams, senior teachers mentor and review in real time. Set up discussion groups, teacher portfolios, professional plans and/or annual evaluations to support growth, post resources for guidance.

Keep connected, open or closed

Educa is a private online community for your service. Your teachers, parents and extended family see Educa differently, but they are connected. Create groups, share news, resources and conversation anytime, anywhere.

Earn a top quality rating

Your evidence is in Educa, inspections are nothing to fear. Map out and track a quality review process as a team, add senior teachers to classes to create best practice visibility, post policies to guide teachers, make decisions using data.

Families know their child is succeeding

Families need to know their child is receiving a great education. Share group or individual stories in a portfolio families can access anytime, share plans, link to your own philosophy and communicate professionally.

What are Learning Stories?

More on the what and why of Learning Stories here

Your Process In One Place

Educa is child-centered – collect family information, share stories, plan, complete assessments. Support teachers professionally. Engage families.

Do it online

Educa has robust documentation tools and templates to meet most service needs – checklists, surveys, plans, year-end reports.

Designed to save time

Educa has dozens of features requested by users over severals that save time for educators and directors.

Save on printing costs

While most things in Educa can be printed, most of the time it’s not needed. Educa pays for itself many times over in print cost savings alone.

Professional development

Staff use our teacher portfolios to track professional development requirements – they can write reflections and inquiry, and add evidence from Educa as they go. Plus it’s easier to manage when all teachers are using the same system.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

"Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it."

Jane Peterson
Teacher, Early Learners

"We looked at other providers but chose Educa ...The key was the software had the flexibility to fit with what we wanted and needed rather than us needing to fit with what the software could do."

Raewyn Penman
Education Services Manager, Kidsfirst

"Educa gives educators more time to focus on quality interactions with the children rather than paperwork. It cuts administration time in half."

Julie McClay
Cluny Kindergarten