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More Efficient Compliance

Meeting quality standards takes a lot of work. Our unique online system makes compliance efficient. It’s a quick and easy documentation tool that allows you to replicate your paper processes online.

  • Document & share observations (called “stories” in Educa) with families – in one click
  • Curriculum-linked stories go into a child portfolio as evidence of learning
  • Create, copy and share plans, assessments and checklists
  • Manage conversations around a child in one place
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Link to any curriculum

Create your own curriculum in Educa or use any of our preloaded frameworks. Edit as often as you’d like. Then link observations and plans.

Convenient online assessments

Build your own online assessments and screenings in Educa or customize one our pre-loaded templates. Then educators can work on them anytime, from anywhere.

Bring parents into the educational loop

By linking observations to learning goals, you help parents understand your approach. This encourages feedback and a better understanding of each child.

Track & report pedagogical progress

Track progress and create child and group learning reports to meet regulatory or internal requirements in our Reports section.

If it's online, it's visible!

Create procedures and documents everyone can see, and follow.

Enhance Program Quality

Less paper, more productivity

Going online is a powerful source of quality improvement and productivity enhancement.

When it’s online, documentation can be shared, copied, improved upon and stored. And Educa pays for itself in printing and paper cost savings alone.

At Educa, we respond to our users’ needs. We’ve added many time-saving and service-enhancing features in response to requests from centres just like yours.

educa aves time

Track everything

Make data-driven decisions. Educa has activity reports to help you track key issues, e.g., trends in parent engagement, inactive child portfolios.

Professional parent communications

Use Educa’s approval settings to control what goes out. Bring your communications to life with images and videos. Announcements, news, private parent-teacher conversations – in one place.

Showcase your approach

Because everything in Educa has an educational purpose, every message your parents read reinforces your value, and their decision to choose you.

Nurture team-work

Educators like to collaborate and share. Online planning, assessments and group observations make that easy in Educa. Sharing raises standards and saves time.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

"Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it."
Jane Peterson Teacher, Early Learners
"We looked at other providers but chose Educa ...The key was the software had the flexibility to fit with what we wanted and needed rather than us needing to fit with what the software could do."
Raewyn Penman Education Services Manager, Kidsfirst
"Educa gives educators more time to focus on quality interactions with the children rather than paperwork. It cuts administration time in half."
Julie McClay Cluny Kindergarten