Learning Story Webinars

Webinar replays from the Educa ECE Webinar series

Learning Stories, Bringing Head, Heart & Pedagogy Together

by Kelly Goodsir

Learning stories have the potential to articulate strong messages of learner identity through narrative forms when we intertwine our head + heart + pedagogy in assessment. And they allow teachers to be subjective, express their emotions about a child, which makes the documentation flow so much more easily.

This session helps educators focus on ‘what matters’ in the learning process as well as providing practical tips to support your learning story writing.

Learning Stories - What, Who, Why, When

by Dr. Annie White

Dr. Annie White will share how a paradigm shift has begun in California using learning stories for assessment. Annie runs through examples and explains how learning stories are bringing joy back to teachers through documenting the power of relationships and deepening the connection with children and families.

Engaging Parents Using Learning Stories

by Kelly Goodsir

Learning stories are a fabulous way to capture learning growth in a way that engages parents.

New Zealand early education expert, Kelly Goodsir, talks about finding the big narrative story lines that not only matter for the child, but also resonate with parents.