Dr. Annie White on Learning Stories

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Early educators in the US are finding standardized assessments increasingly time-consuming and distracting. Did you know there is a movement underway advocating for learning stories as an alternative?

Learning stories give teachers more leeway to joyfully capture and express the learning they see, while taking less time than standardized assessment. And of course, learning stories are more engaging for parents.

Dr. Annie White will share how a paradigm shift has begun in California using learning stories for assessment. Annie will describe examples in California, as an authentic tool for collaboration and family engagement. A formula will be presented demonstrating the challenges California teachers face with assessment practices – this formula is being used as an advocacy tool to promote learning stories in the USA.

A grassroots movement has begun. In this free webinar, you will be inspired as you hear how learning stories are bringing joy back to teachers through documenting the power of relationships and deepening the connection with children and families.