Wendy Lee

Director at Educational Leadership Project

Wendy Lee is a co-founder of the Learning Story approach, author, keynote speaker and thought leader in early childhood education. She speaks frequently all over the world – including at the SALSA/Educa annual virtual Learning Story conference – on Learning Stories and early education.

Wendy has co-directed a number of research studies and projects involving learning stories and early childhood education, primarily through her Early Learning Project (ELP). With 40 years’ experience in the ECE field, Wendy has been teaching, tutoring, lecturing, and giving professional support.
She has authored several papers and has been involved in the publication of three books – including the seminal work on learning stories, co-authored with Margaret Carr:”Learning Stories: Constructing Learner Identities in Early Education.”
In 2019 she co-authored “Learning Stories in Practice” with Margaret Carr. Wendy was kind enough to review that book chapter by chapter in a series presented by Educa. See replays here.

Learning Stories in Practice - Educa Series

Wendy presented 10 webinars, hosted by Educa, on her book, Learning Stories in Practice, including a summary to start and a workshop and questions session with Margaret Carr at the end.