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Introductory and Advanced Workshop Schedule

Introducing Educa

Purposeful Documentation and Family Engagement

This workshop runs through how to use Educa to document learning and engage families. It will cover:

– Creating and printing Learning Stories
– Site navigation
– Using our PWA (teacher web app)
– Communicating with families
– Answer your questions

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Advanced Workshops - Plans & Forms

In this workshop for more advanced users, with sessions for each regions. The workshops will cover:

– Individual and group plans
– Forms
– Your questions

planning tool

Heart-Led DRDP Assessment

Workshop – Learning Stories and the DRDP in Educa

Create meaningful documentation that saves time in the DRDP rating process, engages families and gives teachers the room to speak from the heart and capture the magic of early learning. Learning Stories help the adults around a child work off a shared understanding.

Allyson Montana will demonstrate the Learning Story approach, the DRDP© rating process in Educa and background on the DRDP as a developmental pathway.

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