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Introducing Educa for Teachers

Purposeful family engagement in Educa.
This workshop goes over the basics of Educa for teachers. It reviews the main ways to communicate and collaborate with families on the Educa platform – Learning Stories, sharing with families, the web app and more.

Setting Up In Educa (for new Admins)

Privacy, story approval, templates and more.
This workshop for new Educa users guides new Admins through the many different option choices, helping you customize your site to fit your process and your center. Items covered in the workshop include class privacy, story approval, Learning Story templates and plenty of times for questions.

Learning Stories in Educa (for new users)

A primer on Learning Stories, the heart of Educa.
This workshop includes tips and tricks to help you create, share and print visually-compelling stories in Educa. It will include ways to save time in story creation, such as group stories and our “copy story” feature, and writing tips – to help make sure your stories are read!

Program Cycles

Educa’s planning tool
Program or data cycles can be recorded in Eudca – to improve family visibility, to help you work together as teachers and meet quality standards – using Educa’s planning tool. This workshop is primarily for Australian and New Zealand centres.

Teacher Reflections

Teacher portfolios, story review workflow.
Through Educa, you can easily store and record reflections on your professional development, observations and inquiries. Mentors can support you through this process, creating a portfolio that is private to you and can be transferred if you move centres.

Going Paperless in Educa

A primer on Forms and more
Most Educa customers have aspirations to go digital to increase visibility of your centre’s planning documents such as; QIP, Annual Strategic Plans and regulatory documentation.
It also makes the process of collaborate simpler, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and suggestions on clearly tracked.
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