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Teaching With Purpose: Whose Life Shall I Change?

intentional teaching webinar

by Kelly Goodsir

Times:  May 23 at 2PM PST (USA) / May 24 at 7AM AEST  (Australia)

What does it take for you and your team to turn up with purpose?  This means being intentional, to meet the needs of each child.  Kelly will explore the capacities required to be intentional such as using a range of teaching strategies and translating knowledge into practice.



Nurturing Inquiry-Based Learning In Children

webinar on inquiry-based learning in ECEby Kelly Goodsir

Times:  May 24 at 11AM AEST (Australia) / May 23 at 6PM PST  (USA)

Inquiry-based learning is about a child’s self-directed investigation, an active process provoked by questions, problems and scenarios. It is grounded natural curiosities. Kelly shares the fundamental aspects  to nurture in your teaching practice to drive an inquiry-based program.

Guiding The Transition To School

Kay Margettsby Kay Margetts

Time:  July 25 at 1PM AEST  (Australia)

Kay Markets, Associate Professor in Education at the University of Melbourne, is internationally recognised for her work on transitions. She will share her research on the all-important transition from child care to school.