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The Value of a Professional Portfolio

Presenter: Jane Warnock

Time: March 21 at 12pm NZT (4pm PST on March 20 – North America)

A Portfolio is a place to be reflective, capturing those significant teaching moments regardless of where you are in your journey of being a teacher.

Using a ‘Triangulation Reflection Model’, Jane will share the ‘why, how, what, where, with, and who’ that comes with having a Professional Portfolio. it help you see your Professional Portfolio as a valuable tool.

jane warnock

Documentation Ideas For ECE

Presenter: Kelly Goodsir

Time: April 4, 11am AEST (April 3, 5pm PST in North America)

Most regard documentation as a necessary task — a pain, not a pleasure. But is there an upside, a source of satisfaction and nourishment in recording the learning?

Kelly will run through a number of approaches for individual and group documentation.

kelly goodsir

Montessori Theory of Human Tendencies

Presenter: Cathy Wilson, MANZ

Time: April 10 at 10am AEST (5pm PST on April 9 – North America)

Cathy Wilson, Executive Officer for Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand will cover the eleven important tendencies that compel human beings to construct and refine the world around them, called Human Tendencies in Montessori theory.

Tendencies include exploration, orientation, repetition and order. Cathy will describe each tendency and how the Montessori environment is built around these tendencies.

cathy wilson, manz

Rituals: Making The Everyday Extraordinary

Presenter: Toni Christie

Time: May 28 at 11am NZT (May 27, 4pm PST in North America)

Rituals are a powerful way of using gestures, actions and behaviour to bring positive energy and intention to our daily rhythms. New Zealand author, child care owner and ECE professional trainer, Toni Christie, shares her ideas on the all-important daily rituals in a child care setting.

Thank you so much for providing such deep understandings, research and questioning in your early childhood webinars. I was hesitant about the quality of the webinars (I have been to enough PD courses where I walk out thinking it didn't give me anything new or thought provoking) - but your webinars are thought provoking and well laid out to progress thinking... It has truly been refreshing to be inspired and provoked as a teacher from your webinars and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.
Sara Teacher
My thoughts about this webinar.
- Inspirational
- Motivating
- Reignites my passion for teaching and learning
- Makes me realise the importance of decentralising and simplifying things.
- Makes me realise the importance of active listening
- Drives home the point that I need to reignite my passion for teaching, leading and learning.
Kogi Teacher