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Series: Learning Stories in Practice

Presenter: Wendy Lee

Learning stories luminary, Wendy Lee from New Zealand. is going to present a series of webinars by Educa – approximately one a month – in 2020 on her new book, “Learning Stories in Practice.”

wendy lee

Continuity of Care & Transitions

Presenter: Ali Porteous

July 22, 9am AEST (and July 21, 4pm PST)

Smooth early childhood transitions are key to ensuring positive outcomes for young children the world over- but in today’s fragmented early education systems, it’s difficult to ensure continuity among programmes and services.

This workshop brings together the best thinking on early childhood transitions from NZ practitioner-based research and experience.

DRDP Using Learning Stories

Presenter: Allyson Montana

July 29, 3pm PDT

This free webinar demonstrates how to use Learning Stories for authentic assessment using the DRDP© in Educa. Using Learning Stories as evidence helps educators keep their focus on each child’s unique journey in a way that is engaging for parents. It makes the learning and teaching visible, enable real collaboration between families and educators. Linking to the DRDP is the last step in every story, a simple linking process.

assessment for state funded programs

Leading Change in ECE

Presenter: Kelly Goodsir

September 2, 9am AEST (and September 1, 4pm PST)

Leading change within an educational program at your early childhood setting is complex and requires clarity of direction that the wider team ‘want to participate in’.  Kelly has been leading complex educational change endeavors for the past 3 years and will draw from the many case studies to illustrate important foundations for successful change.

leadership webinar

Mental Health Conversations

Presenter: Kelly Goodsir

October 14, 9am AEST (and October 13, 3pm PST)

Sometimes we find ourselves dipping our toes into mental health conversations at a surface level because we are uncertain of the direction, depth or dialogue needed to authentically engage. Kelly will share her lived experience and expertise in the use of the tools she has developed to support mental health conversations.

the guidance approach by porter

It Takes Attention to Change

Presenter: Deborah McNelis, M. Ed.

November 12, 9am AEST (and November 11, 2pm PST)

The way the brain learns and how it creates and organizes connections depends on what it focuses on. This valuable understanding can impact your teaching practices in class and generally how you interact with children. Deborah will provide practical examples of how to use this awareness of how that brain focuses in your daily interactions.

Thank you so much for providing such deep understandings, research and questioning in your early childhood webinars. I was hesitant about the quality of the webinars (I have been to enough PD courses where I walk out thinking it didn't give me anything new or thought provoking) - but your webinars are thought provoking and well laid out to progress thinking... It has truly been refreshing to be inspired and provoked as a teacher from your webinars and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.
Sara Teacher
My thoughts about this webinar.
- Inspirational
- Motivating
- Reignites my passion for teaching and learning
- Makes me realise the importance of decentralising and simplifying things.
- Makes me realise the importance of active listening
- Drives home the point that I need to reignite my passion for teaching, leading and learning.
Kogi Teacher