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Developing a Philosophy Your Teachers Live By

by Kelly Goodsir

Times:  March 21 at 1PM PST  (USA) / March 22 at 7AM AEST (AU)

Does your service have a stated philosophy that your parents understand and that your team lives and breathes each day? This webinar by Kelly Goodsir will help you review and explore values and beliefs to land on a document that is authentic.

early childhood education webinar on building a philosophy

Writing Learning Stories That Inspire Action

webinar on learning storiesby Kelly Goodsir

Times:  March 21 at 5PM PST  (USA) / March 22 at 11AM AEST (AU)

There is a real art to writing observations that sever as an assessment tool and communicate learning progress to parents in an engaging way. One secret is identifying your big picture thoughts, and sticking to them.  ECE consultant and learning story evangelist, Kelly Goodsir, will share her secrets.



Inquiry-Based Learning: Why It’s Not About Knowledge

webinar on inquiry-based learning in ECEby Kelly Goodsir

Times:  April 4 at 2PM PST  (USA) / April 5 at 7AM AEST (Australia)

In a world of ubiquitous facts, children need to be able to question and think critically.  However, we are wired to impart knowledge. That sometimes steps on opportunities to build learning muscles. ECE consultant, Kelly Goodsir,  provides insights into teaching practice for an inquiry-based program.



How To Document Learning in ECE

kelly goodsir

by Kelly Goodsir

Times:  April 4 at 6PM PST  (USA) / April 5 at 11AM AEST (Australia)

ECE consultant, Kelly Goodsir, will offer insights into how, when kept simple, the planning cycle can make documentation rewarding by making the magic in every day more visible. Using narrative assessment, Kelly will show examples of group and individual documentation to demonstrate variety and individual approaches.



Learning Stories And Play-Based Learning

webinar on learning stories

by Kelly Goodsir

Times:  May 9 at 2PM PST  (USA) / May 10 at 7AM AEST (Australia)

Learning stories are a narrative assessment technique designed for a play-based approach.  The learning story illustrates a child’s development in a way that is both understandable and engaging for parents. Learning story expert, Kelly Goodsir, will help explain the magic of learning stories.



Intentional Teaching And Showing Up With Purpose

intentional teaching webinar in early childhood

by Kelly Goodsir

Times:  May 10 at 11AM AEST (Australia) / May 9 at 6PM PST  (USA)

What does it take for you and your team to turn up with purpose every day? And what does it mean to be intentional? Kelly Goodsir will explore the professional capacities required by an educator to be intentional  — engaging a range of teaching strategies and translating knowledge into practice every day.



Effective Lesson Planning, Creating Quality Learning

miriam dressler early education webinar

by Miriam Dressler

Times:  May 15 at 12 PM PST (USA) / May 16 at 7AM NZT  (New Zealand)

You see lesson plans posted on Parent Boards, but are they really working? We’ll investigate the ins and outs of an effective lesson plan and how to support your teachers in understanding how to create learning-objective based plans that really work!



Teaching With Purpose: Whose Life Shall I Change?

intentional teaching webinar

by Kelly Goodsir

Times:  May 23 at 2PM PST (USA) / May 24 at 7AM AEST  (Australia)

What does it take for you and your team to turn up with purpose?  This means being intentional, to meet the needs of each child.  Kelly will explore the capacities required to be intentional such as using a range of teaching strategies and translating knowledge into practice.



Nurturing Inquiry-Based Learning In Children

webinar on inquiry-based learning in ECEby Kelly Goodsir

Times:  May 24 at 11AM AEST (Australia) / May 23 at 6PM PST  (USA)

Inquiry-based learning is about a child’s self-directed investigation, an active process provoked by questions, problems and scenarios. It is grounded natural curiosities. Kelly shares the fundamental aspects  to nurture in your teaching practice to drive an inquiry-based program.