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Extending Literacy in Play

By Dr. Sarah Aiono. Learn how to identify literacy and language development in play, and how to plan a response to extend that learning – using Learning Stories as your thinking, planning and collaboration tool.

As a teacher, there are countless opportunities to extend language and literacy development in play. But it takes careful observation. The Learning Stories process creates a powerful structure for identifying and reflecting on next steps – and communicating this in a way that will resonate with parents and keeping the momentum going at home.

Dr. Aiono provides ideas on how to intentionally respond to and enrich children’s literacy development as they play.

August 4, 2022 – 6:00 PM EST // August 5, 2022 – 10:00 AM NZT

ANTs in Your Brain! Addressing Automatic Negative Thoughts

Like an infestation of ants in a kitchen, Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) can infest your brain. In this webinar, Madeleine Taylor explains the impact of ANTs and how to address them and create strategies to prevent the Automatic Negative Thoughts that fuel depression, anxiety, and negativity.

August 15th 2022 – 6:00 PM ET // August 16th 2022 – 10:00 AM NZT

Every Interaction Counts: Bringing Back a Thriving Culture through Early Talk

Both over-stimulation and under-stimulation create stress in young developing brains. This balancing brain stimulation presentation is designed to provide you with simple brain development insights and ideas that assist in keeping the brains of young children more balanced. Because stressed brains are not ready to learn, creating balance leads to healthier brains and bodies and children that are healthier, feel happier, calmer and are ready to thrive. Presented by Colleen Haddad 

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The Importance of Early Talk
- LENA Presents

By Colleen Haddad, Child Care Strategy and Special Projects Advisor

LENA advisor Colleen Haddad shares what they’ve learned about the importance of early talk, the disparities between home and center environments, and tips for developing concrete strategies that increase classroom interactions.

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Thank you so much for providing such deep understandings, research and questioning in your early childhood webinars. I was hesitant about the quality of the webinars (I have been to enough PD courses where I walk out thinking it didn't give me anything new or thought provoking) - but your webinars are thought provoking and well laid out to progress thinking... It has truly been refreshing to be inspired and provoked as a teacher from your webinars and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.
( Teacher )
My thoughts about this webinar.
- Inspirational
- Motivating
- Reignites my passion for teaching and learning
- Makes me realise the importance of decentralising and simplifying things.
- Makes me realise the importance of active listening
- Drives home the point that I need to reignite my passion for teaching, leading and learning.
( Teacher )
I wanted to thank Educa for making these webinars available. I am teaching Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care in a high school setting. I worked as a kindergarten teacher for years but I am loving keeping up to date with the latest movements and ideas in early childhood now that I am out of that world. I will actually present some of your webinars to my class to open their minds to what different services are doing. Congratulations to these amazing presenters and Educa!
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