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Observing Early Educators in Class

Presenter: Miriam Dressler

Time: November 14, 1pm PST in the USA

Join us for this one-hour webinar in which we look at what defines a meaningful observation, and what you could be doing with the observations to promote ongoing professional development, while building your program’s quality standards at the same time!

observing teachers in class

Cultivating Self-Awareness To Improve Teaching

Presenter: Cassandra O’Neill

Time: December 4, 1pm PST USA (December 5, 8am AEDT)

Leadership consultant and author, Cassandra O’Neill, will share her thoughts on self-awareness and how cultivating and improving self-awareness helps your teaching performance on the floor, where it matters most.

Effective managers take time to reflect and recharge. Kayaking woman with mountains.
Thank you so much for providing such deep understandings, research and questioning in your early childhood webinars. I was hesitant about the quality of the webinars (I have been to enough PD courses where I walk out thinking it didn't give me anything new or thought provoking) - but your webinars are thought provoking and well laid out to progress thinking... It has truly been refreshing to be inspired and provoked as a teacher from your webinars and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.
Sara Teacher
My thoughts about this webinar.
- Inspirational
- Motivating
- Reignites my passion for teaching and learning
- Makes me realise the importance of decentralising and simplifying things.
- Makes me realise the importance of active listening
- Drives home the point that I need to reignite my passion for teaching, leading and learning.
Kogi Teacher