• The Educa Value Proposition

Printing costs alone pay for Educa

      Putting child portfolios online, accessible for parents and teachers, saves paper. And paper is expensive. Not only printing, photocopy and mailing costs, but also filing time.

Save on Printing

Printing costs average about 10 cents per page. When you add up forms, announcements, internal documentation, reports for parents and the rest of it, most services will spend $2+ per child per month.

Free Up Staff Time

Your staff will save time because everything is at their fingertips. 81% of customers say that Educa saves time.

Less Paper Handling

Less paper, less need for filing space, less staff time paper handling. Online, it’s easier to locate and to share. Educa also has a parent portal for your key documents.

Grow Revenues

Educa is a selling point that will help you attract new families. And if you are so inclined, Educa may provide an opportunity for you to raise fees, based on your higher service levels.

Happy Parents Refer

Parents love Educa. They love seeing photos and updates on their phones, and they appreciate the insights into their child’s learning. Happy parents tell other parents. One extra referral covers the modest cost of Educa for years.

Less Teacher Turnover

Educa creates a tighter parent connection, that inevitably leads to more positive feedback and happier, more fulfilled teachers.