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Educa brings so much efficiency and professionalism to our work. The feedback from our families is far greater than we have ever received before and therefore the connections between home and centre are so much more meaningful, in depth and regular! This system is what teachers have been wanting for so long!

– Kylie van der Bel, Teacher

From a business owner’s perspective the move to Educa has been a great investment. It engages our families and educators more than ever. The parent and educator feedback has been fabulous. We’ll never look back.

– Susan Phua, Director, Wild Things Child Care

So easy to use, even us senior teachers are able to grasp the know-how. Educa makes it quick and easy for us to create snazzy, meaningful stories for our children, families and wider community.

— Emily Fladgate, Kerikeri Community Childcare Trust

We can stay in touch, send quick messages out of opening hours, and learn everybody’s faces and names to build relationships between staff, children and families.

— Samantha Kelly, Sandcastles

Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it.

— Jane Peterson, teacher, Early Learners

I love that I can instantly send photos and snippets from the day to parents using Educa Touch. This saves me so much time.

— Brooke Healy, Educator, Bold Park Community School

Parents voices! These are vital to our children’s learning. Since we started using Educa we have gathered a huge amount of parent voices and parent’s feedback. It is fantastic.

— Mia Wynward, Kiwi Kids Centre

Educa makes it easy for parents to communicate with us about assessment and learning. I find they are telling us a lot more about their children’s interests at home which strengthens the learning link.

— Elise Hopkins, 4 Kids

“I am so glad we chose to use Educa at Rockford Lutheran Academy! As an administrator and educator, I love that Educa creates a digital portfolio for each student where assessments, academic/behavioral notes, and learning stories can be accessed by teachers and parents. The Educa team has been very helpful with setting up my school’s website and personalizing it to meet my teachers’ needs. As a parent, Educa has so many awesome features – The Message Board, Shared Notes, and Learning Stories! I enjoy seeing the daily updates about the goings-on in the classroom through The Message Board. The Shared Notes feature allows a direct and quick communication with my daughter’s teacher. But my favorite feature is the personal Learning Stories that have been written about my daughter! The teacher takes the time to observe my child and through a story tells me what my child has learned and what they hope to see my child accomplish in the future! Educa has been a huge blessing to our school!”

– Amanda Norman, Asst. Dean of Faculty and Parent

“As a teacher that has used several different communication platforms, I personally enjoy what Educa has to offer. It’s one platform that serves a variety purposes! I share daily classroom activities, reminders, Need to Know information, and more all in one place. Most importantly, I can share academic and social behavioral achievements as a class or per individual in the same place. I love that parents can share their child’s growth with me! I am thankful for the opportunity to explore this platform, and I plan to continue with it in the future.”

– Lianette Lucena, PK-3

“I am a kindergarten teacher and I love using Educa! It is a great communication tool to share information with families through the message board. The comment feature allows parents to leave me questions and comments that I can share with the group or keep private. I also love the shared notes between teacher and parent! It gives me a special place to have those private conversations and quick messages.”

– Sarah Ritscher, Kindergarten

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“We used to write the observations on the computer, print them out, stick that in the child’s file, mark it off, put it into their folder so they parents could look at it and then make sure they mark it off... Educa is really easy to use and is doing the work of one or two staff members.”
Gabriele Oly
Owner of Carlingford Kindergarten
"All staff, regardless of qualification, find Educa easy to use and perfect for our documentation. We love how easy it is to use on iPads as well as laptops, and we love the reports that show usage. Our documentation has never been so good. It was our goal as part of our Sustainability Policy to find a documentation system that was more environmentally friendly and Educa has provided this for us. It is perfect with the EYLF."
Gail Gillard
Centre Owner
"Educa is not only easy for teachers to use, share knowledge and learning stories, but it is also easy for parents and extended family to contribute to their child's online portfolio. It has been a great tool for increasing parents involvement in their child's learning within the centre. It is nice to know that the stories, photos and video clips are being viewed and appreciated. Thanks Educa."
Linda Hay
Education Manager