Loose Parts Theory: Less Toys More Materials

Kelly Goodsir on The Theory of Loose Parts For instance, Thomas trains … tell children HOW these trains should behave and this is taken on through their role play – in a way it is already prescribed, the characters already … Read More

New Zealand Early Education

4 Best Practice Ideas From New Zealand ECE

What’s Working in New Zealand The New Zealand education system has a reputation for innovation, supported by consistent success in international tests.  This success starts with a sophisticated, but always evolving early childhood education system. The nation has long appreciated … Read More

5 TED Talks Every Preschool Educator Should Watch

TED Talks are a fantastic resource for Preschool Educator. These five are essential viewing for everyone working in early childhood education.

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Unstructured learning is powerful

The Benefits of Unstructured Learning

SOME PEOPLE THINK UNSTRUCTURED LEARNING IS JUST PLAY.  IT’S NEVER JUST PLAY … Unstructured learning is the idea of removing the typical confinements of a classroom to allow young students to learn in unconventional ways. It’s open-ended, and there are … Read More