Case Study: Reggio Documentation Tips From Gabriele Oly

How a trip to Italy inspired an Educa customer to raise the quality of their ECE documentation Seeing the “amazing Reggio documentation” on her Reggio Emilia tour of Italy last year prompted Educa customer Carlingford Kindergarten owner/director Gabriele Oly to … Read More

Reggio-inspired education

Online Documentation For Reggio-Inspired Child Care Programs & Preschools

MEETING THE DOCUMENTATION & COMMUNICATION NEEDS OF REGGIO EMILIA The number of centers who label themselves as Reggio-inspired or who belong to groups like the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance or the Australian Reggio Emilia Info Exchange is actually quite small. However, … Read More

Dr Jerome Bruner was early education thought leader

The Important Work of Jerome Bruner

What Has Early Childhood Education Learned From The Brilliant Mind of Jerome Bruner? One of the most influential psychologists of our time, Dr. Jerome Bruner had a simple yet incredibly powerful premise for the goal of education–that it should create … Read More