The Parent Tour: How To Close The Deal Every Time

Tips To Help Your Child Care Centre Make The Most Of Every Parent Tour A successful parent tour of your early learning service is the clincher for parents looking to enroll their children. So, how can you and your staff … Read More

Finding The Spark, Nurturing Genius

This inspiring yet imperfect tale is a great read about the power of a mother’s love, persistence and believing in the abilities of your children.  

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Supporting Mental Health Conversations in the Early Years

Mental Health awareness means starting conversations even in the very early years. Families who are impacted by mental illness need to know they are supported.

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Three Common Misconceptions About Language Acquisition

Children communicate with us long before they can speak. In fact from the moment they are born. Speech development is one of the first skills children learn on the road to independence. Learning to communicate and be understood can be … Read More

positive adjectives

100 Positive Adjectives for Learning Stories

Positive interactions with children are important. Download a free pdf with 100 positive adjectives to use in your learning stories.

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What Does Normal Sound Like? Speech Development in 0-5s

Join us! Helen McLauchlan – former President of the NZ Speech and Language Therapy Association – shares with us her top tips for anyone concerned about a young child’s speech development. 

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Free Play Ideas That Promote Learning in Your Preschool

In New Zealand, play is part of the preschool curriculum. Find out why and get some tips from New Zealand educators for bringing more free play into the lives of preschoolers.

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Three Ways for Parents to Support Learning at Home

3 simple tips for parents to talk, read and count their way into learning support.

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Case Study – Sandcastles Values Communication With Families

With busy parents and even busier educators, Samantha and her team found Educa – The perfect tool for connecting with families. 

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