The Parent Tour: How To Close The Deal Every Time

Tips To Help Your Child Care Centre Make The Most Of Every Parent Tour A successful parent tour of your early learning service is the clincher for parents looking to enroll their children. So, how can you and your staff … Read More

Managing Your Childcare Service And Bringing Out The Best In Your Teaching Staff

Educa spoke to service directors for the best tips on managing your ECE staff. Having effective interactions with your ECE staff is a crucial part of leadership. Strangely enough, most teachers don’t see themselves as leaders yet “were expected to … Read More

Webinar Recap_ How To Build A Quality Conscious Team.

Building A Quality Conscious Team In Early Childhood Education

Quality is a constant focus and benchmark for the early education sector, but how do you build a quality conscious team? That was the question which early childhood education consultant and trainer Miriam Dressler addressed at a free Educa webinar … Read More

Case Study: Trinity Lutheran Creates Pathways to Engage Parents

Here at Educa we have the privilege of working with some truly fantastic preschools.  Trinity Lutheran Preschool in Washington State is no exception.  We are so excited to have them join the Educa family.  In this article they share their … Read More

Paint by Fingers For Under 5’s

Let those fingers do the painting with these fantastic fingerpainting activities for early learners.

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Marble Mania – Fine Motor Power-Ups!

Using Marbles for Fine Motor Learning Experiences in Early Childhood settings.

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Linking Flexibility – Educa Curriculum Manager

Video tutorial – Adding a curriculum using Educa’s Curriculum Manager

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Case Study – Video on Using Educa For Observations in ECE

Children experience a wide array of emotions and discoverers every day as they explore the world around them.

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5 Team Building Activities to Motivate Your Early Educators

As an early childhood leader, motivating your educators is essential to ensure they feel valued and work as a cohesive team. Here are 5 simple activities to add to your team building toolbox. 

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Case Study – Sandcastles Values Communication With Families

With busy parents and even busier educators, Samantha and her team found Educa – The perfect tool for connecting with families. 

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