Case Study: Trinity Lutheran Creates Pathways to Engage Parents

Here at Educa we have the privilege of working with some truly fantastic preschools.  Trinity Lutheran Preschool in Washington State is no exception.  We are so excited to have them join the Educa family.  In this article they share their … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Toddler Body Language

Sometimes reading toddler’s body language provides clues to their behavior.

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What Does Normal Sound Like? Speech Development in 0-5s

Join us! Helen McLauchlan – former President of the NZ Speech and Language Therapy Association – shares with us her top tips for anyone concerned about a young child’s speech development. 

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5 Team Building Activities to Motivate Your Early Educators

As an early childhood leader, motivating your educators is essential to ensure they feel valued and work as a cohesive team. Here are 5 simple activities to add to your team building toolbox. 

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Case Study – Sandcastles Values Communication With Families

With busy parents and even busier educators, Samantha and her team found Educa – The perfect tool for connecting with families. 

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Use The Educa Message Dashboard To Connect With Families

How to use the Educa dashboard to post content tailored for your families. If your Dashboard isn’t getting feedback you’re missing an opportunity – so we’re here to help!

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