Educa User Guides and Resources

Download guides, images and consent forms to help you get started.


Definitive Set Up Guide – for Admins

Start Checklist – interactive checklist with links to help articles and resources

Complete Guide for Teachers

Start Checklist – for Teachers – interactive reference list

Watch an Intro Video on Educa

For Families

Introduction to Educa – a one pager that explains how joining Educa will help their child’s learning, send as part of the Educa roll-out to families

Why we use Educa for Learning Stories 

Quick Start for Families

Complete Guide for Families – to help families understand Educa

Parent consent template – a starter template you can adapt to your service

We Are Using Educa ! – a poster on how to join Educa

Family Invitation Word Template – Word document that can be edited before you send it home

Here is a starter video – Educa for Families Video

Other Tools

Parents need a go to place to log into Educa. Download login images for your website – right-click & download images on this page, more images and instructions here
Upload Children Template – For mass upload children, complete and send to us
Poster: Are You On Educa Yet? Poster for your facility, asking parents, are you on Educa yet?


Educa Fact Sheet – One-page summary, useful for sending to peers

Educa Use Case Compilation – A summary of the many innovative ways services use Educa

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