Educa's Study Tour Drawing

Why we do it, what it's about and
and the logistics of the drawing.

Why Are We Doing This?

Educa is proud of its New Zealand roots, home of some of the world’s most innovative early educators, pioneers in bicultural Te Whāriki curriculum, risk play, family collaboration and nurturing learning dispositions. Learn more about New Zealand early education here.

It’s no surprise then that New Zealand’s early learning programs are study destinations for early educators worldwide. And so we thought, why not create a chance for one lucky early education professional to visit New Zealand and see what it’s all about firsthand.

Kelly Goodsir’s Study Tours

kelly goodsirVisiting early childhood programs in New Zealand on your own is a daunting task. To make the experience meaningful and a bit more manageable, we turned to a leading provider of early education study tours of New Zealand, Kelly Goodsir.

Kelly has presented a number of thought leadership webinars for Educa.  She is a highly respected and experienced early childhood education consultant, born and trained in New Zealand, now living in Australia.  She is an expert in learning stories and early education generally.

The tour will include visits to early childhood centres that provide great working examples of Reggio-inspired programs, risk-based play, biculturalism, family engagement, distributed leadership, innovative spaces and more.

Learn more about Kelly’s tours here, including the one being offered in this drawing.

About The Drawing

This is an early childhood education study tour for early childhood professionals only.  Entrants must be from North America, Australia, New Zealand or be Educa customers elsewhere in the world.

The Key Dates

The drawing will close on August 31, 2019 at midnight, New Zealand Time.

Once we have a qualified winner, which could take a week or two, we will announce the outcome to all entrants.

There are various study tour options.  Educa is willing to be somewhat flexible regarding flight dates to allow the winner extended time in New Zealand if he/she so chooses.