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    Streamline family communications and documentation,
    an educational solution for schools.

Make families part of the learning

Educa is a communications and documentation platform, founded in New Zealand in 2010.  We started in early education, and now provide an online service and phone apps to help primary and secondary schools document and share learning.

  • Communicate with families in one place — by school, class or individually
  • Connect updates to curriculum goals or key competencies — bring families into the loop
  • Provide teacher portfolios to your staff
  • Reports help schools make data-driven decisions

Adapt Educa to fit your process – communications, documents, workflow, approvals, and more.

Observations Linked To Learning

At the heart of Educa are”stories” linked to curriculum goals, key competencies or plans, shared with parents, printed and saved as evidence of learning.

Teacher Portfolio & Development Tools

Each teacher has a private portfolio to store documents and record professional development and reflections linked to standards. Mentoring settings help new teachers.

Online Documentation

Educa has form builders and planning tools to manage other aspects of your school day, including individual and group plans, assessments, school quality reviews and appraisals.

MOE Compliant Server Hosting

Educa uses AWS hosting that meets New Zealand MOE requirements to be hosted in Australasia. Educa meets all known Australian state requirements also.

Family Collaboration

Educa creates a community around each child. Stories start meaningful conversations with parents, extended family and specialists. Family can also post stories.

Your Own Private Website

Send announcements and news to your families from our message dashboard. Share policies and resources through your own secure parent portal.

Are your parents listening?

Replace emails, paper announcements and newsletters
with a private channel that goes right to parent phones.

Special Use Cases for Educa

family engagement software

Learning Support

Create a 360 degree circle of learning around your learning support students — create visibility for teachers and families.

High school case study >

preschool communication software

After School Care

Keep parents in the loop and involved, tracking after school activities and logistics in Educa.

OSHC case study >

child care software security

Te Reo, Bi-Cultural Programs

Educa has a Maori language version (Mandarin, Spanish and others) to help all families feel included.

Case study on language barriers >

Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Teacher Portfolios

Each teacher has private section to record their development, including appraisals. Mentoring options also.

Private Channel With Parents

Send to all or selected groups from central dashboard, private parent-teacher conversations.

Online Family Portal

Reduce printing costs and provide convenience to parents by putting policies and resources online.

childcare app on iPhone

Online Documentation

Planning, assessment and review documentation. Teachers can collaborate or access individually.


Downloadable student progress and school activity reports for compliance or management.

Student Portfolios

Updates linked to key competencies or curriculum goals save to a downloadable portfolios.

Partners & Endorsements

MUSAC musac made easy Early Childhood Council

Set your school apart.

Join 150,000 teachers & families worldwide.

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What customers are saying

“Educa is exactly what we have been asking for. We've tried a number of options for sharing learning and engaging parents and this is by far the best. It's simple to set up and use and our teachers love it. You can quickly and easily add links to curriculum and key competency goals, and families can also post learning stories. Most important of all -- our parents love it and are engaged in their child's learning."
Karen Tabuteau St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Rotorua
“We could see that 98% of parents had connected. This was much higher than expected and reassured us that we could use Educa as a main source of communicating.”
Donna Clark Special Needs, NaeNae College, Wellington
'Educa is a great way to capture learning moments, and as a teacher, it means I can reflect on the learning and come up with ideas collaboratively with family and colleagues to extend and support the development of the individual child."
Donna Master Donna Master, Teacher, Rototuna Primary School