For Quality Improvement Systems (QIS)

Assessment and documentation in one place.

Supporting Quality Practice

Educa is an end-to-end solution that supports quality practice, which is the QIS end goal. It starts with child portfolios and a customizable form builder through to DRDP assessment and teacher development.

Here is a sampling of common QIS requirements that can be managed in Educa:

  • Aligning to state early learning guidelines.  Educa already has most state ELG's loaded, and will add others on request.
  • Staff mentoring and training. Educa has story review workflow and ways to collaborate that help senior staff help others. 
  • Screening and progress reports.  Educa has customizable forms for one-off screening and surveys, and a ratings tool linked the DRDP for assessment if needed.
  • Work with families. Educa has a family app and is built around Learning Stories which engage families. 
  • A clear mission, philosophy and policy. Educa has a portal for sharing policies and resources.  

Are families engaged?

More families want to participate in their child’s education.
Are you creating that opportunity for families?

Managing Your Service for QIS

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Import data from your billing or contact management program. Unlimited support, with help videos and online workshops.

Workflow to Support Teachers

Educa has mentoring settings and story review so that more experienced teachers can support and guide new or less well-trained staff.

Activity Tracking

Reports track activities ranging from the progress of an individual child to parent engagement and activity.

Customize Your Documents

Educa has a custom form builder which you can use to create forms to share with families, with teachers and/or with staff .

Document Portal

Use the Policies & Resources portals to store training and other materials. Set access for each file – teachers only or parents and teachers.

Engage Families

Learning Stories can start meaningful conversations, forms and plans for a child can be made visible to families also - online or via the Educa Touch app.

Approved DRDP Vendor

If your site needs to report for Head Start or UPK, Educa makes it seamless, as part of the Learning Story process.

Collaborate on QIS reporting

Create documents in Educa that you can work on together. This includes checklists, philosophies, teacher and child documentation.