Simple, Affordable Pricing

No setup fees. No contracts.

For Parents
  • Free apps for iOS and Android
  • Invite extended family, others
  • Contribute photos, stories
  • 24/7 access to your child's portfolio
For Services
  • Unlimited educator users
  • Unlimited parent users
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free site setup and support
Ask Us
  • All features for Services and:
  • Staff training for roll-out
  • Multi-site communication
  • Multi-site edit and admin


How does the 30-day trial work?

We create a secure website that is yours to use. You will have access to Educa support and all features for 30 days. Invite as many teachers, children and parents as you like. At the end, either stop using the site or switch to paying.


We consider ourselves to be fair and flexible. If you are a group, we can work with you to bring down total costs. If you feel you cannot afford us, contact us anyway — we could surprise you.

Are there any other costs?

No, it’s a simple per child fee structure. Otherwise, everything is unlimited, meaning there is no limit to:

  • the number of staff members,
  • the number of family members or others attached to a child portfolio,
  • access to webinars or live support.

Finally, there are no limits on data, except that single video uploads cannot exceed 300MB.

What about set up costs?

There is no set-up or registration fee. Live support – by chat, email or phone – is free. This includes set-up help, including uploading your students if you’d like. We also have regular training webinars, online videos and support resources available for you.

How do I pay?

We set up a recurring monthly payment through your bank (Australia and New Zealand only) or pay by credit card. If you’d like to pay quarterly or annually, we can accommodate that request also.

Powerful and yet affordable for any service.

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How Educa Pays For Itself Many Times Over

Printing Cost Savings Alone Pay For Educa

Printing costs average about 10 cents per page. When you add up forms, announcements, internal documentation, reports for parents and the rest of it, most services will spend $2+ per child per month.

Save Time

Your staff will save time because everything is at their fingertips. Less paper, less need for filing space, less staff time paper handling. Online, it’s easier to locate and to share. Educa also has a parent portal for your key documents.

Grow Revenues

Educa is a selling point that will help you grow by attracting new families and retaining existing customers.  And if you are so inclined, Educa may provide an opportunity for you to raise fees, based on your higher service levels.

Retain Educators

Educa creates a tighter parent connection, that inevitably leads to more positive feedback and happier, more fulfilled teachers. And it supports quality practice.