What do you know about your child's day?

Stay connected with your child's learning.

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Parent App Features

Educa is sharing software with a parent app for child care centers and preschools. It is an affordable solution, paid for by the school, and free for parents.

The beauty of Educa is that it allows educators to share the observations and photos with parents, making it easier to keep parents in the loop.

  • Updates come right to your phone
  • Get closer to your child’s teacher
  • Collaborate to expand learning
  • Receive updates linked to curriculum to track school readiness

If you would like to know more about your child’s day, ask your child’s preschool or child care center to get Educa.

See why Mum Danielle loves Educa

parent app for preschools

Educa helped me trigger conversations with my son

about his day and he was excited to share his experiences

with the whole family. I was also able to communicate

an important milestone with his teacher through a parent

story. I’m a strong believer in parents showing an interest

and involvement in their child’s learning. It shows kids how 

important their education is and nurtures their love of learning. So

thanks again for helping take Hayden’s days at the

Boulevard to a new level.

— Danielle Gillard, Parent, The Boulevard ELC