We're passionate about bringing educators and families together.

Educa bridges the gap between home and child care, enabling communication and collaboration between those who matter most in a child's life.

Educators record important information about children's learning and development every day.

Yet they have no easy way to document it, or share it with parents.

Nathan Li created Educa to make it easier for educators and parents to share information with learning stories and ePortfolio software.

When Nathan’s daughter Nancy started attending full time daycare, Nathan and his wife felt a huge disconnection from her learning and development.

Both working full time, they needed an easy way to stay involved.

Nathan created Educa to provide the early childhood community with a secure, simple and fast way to document and share learning.

Educa was the first ‘learning story’ app of its kind. The passion and dedication it took to get Educa to where it is today can be felt in every aspect of the ePortfolio software product and company.

Using Educa, early childhood professionals create an ePortfolio for each child where learning stories, observations and updates are shared instantly with families.

Available on both desktop and smart phones, Educa allows families to engage with their child’s learning from anywhere in the world, providing valuable feedback to educators. Educa bridges the communication gap, strengthening relationships and promoting collaboration between those who matter most in a child’s life.

Educa makes teachers lives easier by giving them a simple, instant documentation tool and a direct line of line of communication to parents.  Parents have easy, instant access to their children’s learning stories from anywhere.

Children learn better when parents and family members are involved in their education.

Nancy and Nathan Li

Company Facts

  • Over 2 million learning stories have been documented with Educa.
  • Educa was developed in New Zealand by working father Nathan Li and launched in 2010.
  • Educa has over 150,000 active users worldwide.
  • Educa was the first company to provide a mobile friendly ‘learning story’ app to the ECE community.