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Share with families and
document as evidence – in one click
Educa is proving to be a powerful solution for OSHC / OOSH operators. It’s a way to share what’s going on at your facility with families, linking to standards and saving to a portfolio as evidence for inspection, all in a few clicks. And in real time.
About Educa
Educa is a communications and documentation platform, founded in New Zealand in 2011. We started in early education and now provide an online service (with phone apps) for schools and OSHC.

Share Group Stories

For shared experiences, create group stories that go to families and post to individual student portfolios. Use our copy story feature for similar stories.

Students Can Post Updates

Older students can have an Educa login and write stories to share learning and celebrate their success.

NQS and Framework

Link your stories to My Time Our Place and other frameworks and NQS standards. Stories start meaningful conversations with parents, extended family and specialists.

Custom Forms, at Your Finger Tips

Use our customisable forms to collect child information and document learning. Having it all in one place helps simplify the complexities of OSHC management.

Announcements & News

Send messages to parents that will be read. When parents login, the message board is their first screen.

Post Policies and Resources

Share policies with teachers, parents or both. Upload resources, such as info for parents or reference materials for teachers.

Teacher Portfolios

Encourage logging of professional development in Educa using the private teacher portfolio attached to every user login. More here

Is collection of evidence taking too much time?

Replace email, paper and the rest. Share on Educa
and have it automatically saved for the NQS inspection.

Concordia Leads the Way with Educa

“Educa is a simple effective way to collect and display children’s learning and involvement in the OSHC program.”

Kellie Symons, Concordia OSHC

Concordia OSHC – Before School, After School and Vacation Care earned an Exceeding Rating on all NQS measures in their most recent rating.

They are crediting some of their success to how well Educa supports accreditation for OSHC. Our platform creates visibility and helps keep everyone involved – families, educators, students, specialists and others.

Flexible, Easy To Use and Local

Live Support in Australasia

We provide workshops and one-on-one training as requested. We are local, on top of changing OSHC requirements.

Online Forms

Simplify data collection by posting forms in each student’s profile for parents to complete. Collaborate on service-wide forms, such as Hazard Lists.

Sharing Your Philosophy

Link learning stories to frameworks, communicate your approach to parents.

Print or View Online

While Educa saves printing costs, stories can be printed or saved as PDFs. Similarly lesson plans and reports can be printed.

QIP & Best Practice

Educa has dozens of templates for managing your OSHC accreditation process, templates that you can adapt to your process.


Educa has a clean look and feel. It’s not one of those hard to use business systems that tries to do too much.

Set your OSHC apart.
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