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Learning story software from New Zealand.

Create learning stories, connect to frameworks and plans,
share privately with parents and save to child portfolios.
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What Are Learning Stories?

Learning stories are a narrative approach to assessment, written from the teacher to the child, developed in New Zealand. Learning stories focus on success, capturing growth where the child is the hero.
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Assessment Using Learning Stories

Connect each learning story to goals and over time create an authentic record of a child’s journey. This takes less time than checkpoint assessment and keeps the focus on success and next steps.
Learning stories as formative assessment

One-Click Document & Share

Share observations, including images and video, with parents and save to a child portfolio in one click.
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Adapt Template To Your Needs

Educa has a story block and reflection boxes you can label as you like, e.g., What It Means, Possibilities & Opportunities.

Pick a Curriculum, Any Curriculum

Upload and link observations to any curriculum, framework, state guidelines or your own proprietary curriculum. Then edit to fit your needs.

Print Options - Borders!

Educa learning story software is an online platform, but the stories are made to be made to printed.  For instance, Educa comes with dozens of print border options.

Start real conversations with families

Use learning stories to get your parents to contribute.
Educa families average 20 interactions a month!

Write beautiful learning stories

Use images, videos and countless font options to create compelling learning stories.

Start by taking a photo, dictating into your phone or writing a quick draft. Then finish it off later.

learning story software

Reflect and link to curriculum

Use reflection boxes to analyze the learning, consider next steps or suggest ideas for home.

Then easily link to any curriculum goals, development milestones or proprietary objectives. We can upload anything you like into Educa or you can write your own curriculum.

online learning stories program

Approval settings and mentoring

In Educa, teachers can be approved to publish to parents directly or their stores can require approval. Teachers also have mentors who see their work and can make comments.

Educa uses a “pending story” page to help make the approval process efficient.

pending learning stories page

Engage parents

This is the magic of learning stories. Heartfelt learning stories written by teachers start real conversations with parents, in a private channel in Educa.

parents engage in learning stories

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Learning Story Features

Images, Videos, Files and Text

Educa supports a range of media options in its learning stories.

Dictate On Your Phone

Dictate ideas or stories on the go, save as a draft and then tidy up later.

Parent and Student Stories

Parents can contribute stories to a child’s portfolio.  There is also a “student user” feature, interend for older children.

Group Stories

Many experiences are shared with a class or a group.  Educa allows for “group stories” that post to individual child portfolios.

Access With Any Device

Access Educa by browser on a computer, tablet or phone. Or use Educa Touch, our phone app for Apple iOS and Android.

Private Parent Conversations

It’s a private channel that parents trust, creating a place for real conversations around learning.

Are your parents engaging?

Learning stories go right to parent phones
in a private channel that encourages conversation.

Bring Parents Closer

Build Parent Understanding

Online observations, linked to learning goals, creates understanding, more parent-teacher collaboration and better outcomes.
Unexpected benefits of sharing

Share Forms, Policies Online

Forms, school policies and resources can be shared, downloadable. This saves time and is a convenience for parents.

Portfolio Access Anytime

Parents can access their child’s record at any time. And they can post feedback or contribute their own photos and stories.
The power of online

Invite Extended Family, Specialists

Parents can easily invite extended family, specialists & others to share in the updates on their child. Un-invite just as easily.