• How Educa Works

    An end-to-end educational solution.

Set up in 30 minutes, then tailor as you go!


  • Invite teachers and staff
  • Invite parents
  • Select or add curriculum
  • Set up templates, permissions, sharing
  • Add documents to parent portal


  • Share learning stories with families
  • Share news with families
  • Planning
  • Assessments using DRDP
  • Daily reports to track sleep, etc.


  • Mentor teachers
  • Track activity
  • Professional development
  • Quality improvement reviews
  • Staff appraisals

Streamline Documentation

You are exponentially more productive when everything is at your fingertips, online.  Almost everything in Educa – documents and workflow – can be changed to fit your process and needs. Then the advantages of being online — sharing, easy to find, etc. — kick in!

  • Planning — write your own or share with a team
  • Compliance — assessments, portfolios as evidence of learning
  • Teacher portfolio — reflective practice, store documents
  • Routines/daily reports — track child sleep, etc. online
  • Parent portal — share policies and resources with parents

And link to any curriculum – early state guidelines, your own curriculum, any approach. Once loaded, customize to your needs.

early childhood documentation

Create A Circle Of Learning

Everyone who cares about a child is on the same page, a community around each child. Here’s how it works.

– Child plays and learns
– Teacher observes, records and shares with parents
– Parents respond and/or add their own stories
– Teacher uses feedback to plan and document

Teachers post observations by group or individual child.

The circle can include extended family, specialists and others.

observations read on phone

Use Any Device

Educa is a mobile responsive web-based software that works on computers, tablets and phones. We also have the Educa Touch app for Apple iOS and Android.

Start an observation now, finish it later on another device. Create observations for one child or a group.

Use voice dictation on most phones to record on the go.

early childhood portfolio software

learning documentation software

All of the parents have accepted invitations to join our Educa site.

The feedback we have had from them is quite outstanding. They find

it a wonderful way to share with friends and family their child’s life at

preschool. It also provides them with an insight into what their child

has been doing on a regular basis, without the need to pass a portfolio

backwards and forwards between the home and school.

— Ruth Libby, Koru Montessori