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Seamless integration of Head Start DRDP© assessment and Learning Stories that engages families and saves teacher time.

Heart-led documentation

Educa is Learning Story software and an approved DRDP© assessment vendor.

Create Learning Stories to share with families, use in teaching and save to a portfolio. Linking your Learning Story to the DRDP© as evidence – as you go, not a separate task.

At period end, use Educa’s Ratings tool to complete reports – for agencies and for families.

Learning Stories make learning visible, helping teachers connect to families and make better teaching decisions.

Why The DRDP©

The DRDP is a strength-based child assessment focusing on the positive aspects of each child’s developmental progress.

It is research-based, valid, reliable and aligned to Head Start ELOF Infant/Toddler & and covers all children from birth to five, including dual language learners and those with disabilities.

Educa has all DRDP views integrated into its Learning Story creation process and available for data reporting in our Ratings tool. 

More on the DRDP here

Benefits for Leaders & Administrators

Educa’s DRDP© child assessment for Head Start helps administrators:

  • Retain teachers – Learning Stories help connect teachers back to the love of helping children
  • Energize and engage families by making learning more visible in a story format that is more accessible to families
  • See data as it’s entered – including % completion tracking
  • Convenient one-click data export
  • Network Hub to review multiple sites from one place
drdp for head start

Benefits for Teachers

Educa uses Learning Stories instead of single observations to rate each child.  Because a Learning Story is a whole child assessment at a point in time, one story is typically evidence of 8-10 DRDP measures.

Only a handful of individual and/or group Learning Stories are required to meet period reporting.  Any measures not covered in a story can be updated manually.

With Learning Stories and the DRDP©

  • Celebrate learning in heart-felt stories written to the child – shared with families in real time
  • Save time by making rating part of your Learning Story flow, – one story equates to many observations
  • Use any device – desktop or Educa web app
  • Individualize rating using group stories
  • Examples and descriptions in the DRDP selector to support rating decisions
  • Choose from a range of DRDP views
  • Learning Story Academy, guides and private training to support teacher development
  • Manage of period ratings from summary dashboard


Learning Stories are valued keepsakes, not discarded at period end.

“It is incredibly powerful for families
to see that the staff understands and enjoys their child.”

Early Head Start Teacher

Features to Support Head Start

Custom plans & forms

Educa has plan and form templates, such as a  Home Language survey, Home Routines , Incoming Screening and School Transition. Or create your own

Track multiple sites

Educa has a Network Hub to help groups and agencies track sites in one glance, message, manage teachers and more.

Professional services

Our Learning Story Academy supports teachers, private team training is also available.


Family app

Image-rich, heart-led stories about learning success are sent to family phones in realtime. Engaging assessment families will read.

It's private

Educa is a private channel for the center community with access to child portfolios limited to necessary adults only.

Keepsake portfolio

Each Learning Story is a gift to families, authentic assessment that is also a valued keepsake.

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