Minnesota ECIP’s Overview

The Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) are Minnesota’s early learning standards developed by the Minnesota Department of Education, revised and expanded in 2016. Minnesota has long been a leader in early education, and its standards have been used by other states when developing their own guidelines.

The ECIPs are aligned to the Minnesota Kindergarten Academic Standards. Minnesota K-12 has adopted Common Core Standards for English, but not for Mathematics.

Minnesota defines Kindergarten readiness here. When a child arrives at kindergarten he or she will exhibit his/her knowledge and skills across multiple learning areas.


There is a Kindergarten Entry Profile with downloadable PDFs and other resources here.

The Early Childhood Indicators of Progress follow a path of increasingly complex learning for children from birth to kindergarten entrance. They address the development and learning of all children, including typically developing children, dual language learners, children with disabilities, and children with high needs.

The learning domains, areas of development, included in the ECIPs are:

  1. Social and Emotional Development
  2. Approaches to Learning
  3. Language, Literacy and Communications
  4. The Arts
  5. Social Systems: Cognitive
  6. Physical and Movement Development
  7. Mathematics
  8. Scientific Thinking

Download the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress on the Minnesota Department of Education website here.

Parent Aware – QRIS in MN

Parent Aware is Minnesota’s Quality Rating and Improvement System. It offers tools and resources to help:

  • Families find quality child care and early education
  • Programs improve their practices
  • Children benefit from care and education that will prepare them for school and life.

Parent Aware has standards in four categories:

  • Physical health and well-being
  • Teaching and family relationships
  • Assessment of child progress
  • Teacher training and education

You can download their standards here and learn more about starting the journey to getting a rating here.