Alberta Early Learning Sector

FlightPossibilities Curriculum Framework

In Alberta, Canada, child care is a responsibility of the Ministry of Human Services while the Ministry of Education is responsible for Early Childhood Services including kindergarten. The province’s approach to early learning education and care flows from the Canadian Government’s multilateral framework.

Flight is an update of Play, Participation, and Possibilities – An Early Learning and Childcare Curriculum Framework for Alberta is the key document for the early learning sector in this Canadian province. Download it here or learn more here.

Starting with the image of the child as a “mighty learner and citizen”, educators are seen as “co-learners, co-researchers and co-imaginers of possibilities along children and their families and with/in community”.
flight alberta early learning and care framework

Core Concepts of Play, Participation and Possibilities

The core concepts of the framework are:

  • The Image of the Child: A Mighty Learner and Citizen
  • A Practice of Relationships: Your Role as an Early Learning and Childcare Educator
  • Might Learners: Nurturing Children’s Dispositions to learn
  • Responsive Environments: Time, Space, Materials and Participation
  • Transitions and Continuities: Supporting Children and Families Through Change

The framework isn’t broken down into children’s ages, rather its section titles are:

  • Play, Participation, and Possibilities: an Introduction
  • The Curriculum Framework Core Concepts
  • Curriculum Meaning Making: Goals and Dispositions
  • Reflection and Planning Guide, and
  • Curriculum Sample Learning Stories

Play-Based Goals Underpin Meaning

Everything children do has meaning for them, says the framework. There are four holistic play-based goals: well-being; play and playfulness; communication and literacies; diversity and social responsibility.

Educators are encouraged to use those goals to reflect on and interpret the experiences of early learners. The framework clearly unpacks these goals, drawing out questions such as ‘what does it mean’ so educators can reflect and interpret, then suggesting possible next steps for planning and taking action. 

Focus on Quality

The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services represents the government in providing accreditation services for licensed day care centres, approved family day home agencies and licensed out-of-school care programs in Alberta. It has oversight of the sector.
Ten Child and Family Services Authorities offices and 18 Delegated First Nation Agencies share the monitoring and licensing of regulated child care operators in Alberta.