For Universal PreK

Assessment using Learning Stories

A New Assessment Approach

Assessment supports success in Universal PreK when it helps educators differentiate their teaching and brings families into the frame – as engaged collaborators.

Snippet observations with a checklist of outcomes achieve neither. Teachers know their children. Ratings do not deepen this understanding.  And checklists do not engage families.A new approach to assessment is needed.

Learning Stories – an Approach to Teaching

Learning Stories (and Educa) are a form of authentic assessment that bridges this gap – developed in New Zealand, now in North America.

Teachers carefully observe and then put their thoughts about a child in writing. This process helps them think more deeply about what makes each child unique. And because it is typically written to the child, in a heart-led, informal tone, it is engaging for families.

It’s an approach to teaching that is reflective, collaborative and conducive to connecting to children,

In Educa, the last step of a Learning Story is the framework links, which go to a Ratings section for data export. Each story serves as evidence, is shared with families and is saved to a portfolio as a valued keepsake.

Assessment FOR learning

Learning stories were developed in New Zealand to capture each child’s unique and magical journey in a way that checklists just can’t - including planning next steps. More here

Document to engage families

Learning stories use a storytelling tone, generally written to the child. This resonates with families, builds understanding and a basis for real conversations and collaboration.

Custom data exports

Educa customers can one-click export class data to DRDP Online, and exports to meet state or agency needs. Furthermore, there are one-click PDF reports for families.

Create networks for sharing

Educa has a Network Hub (coming soon) option that will allow regulators to create networks of centers – message, share training, document templates or request snapshot reports.

Frameworks fully integrated

Connect stories he DRDP or Head Start ELOF as you go. Educators have help descriptions to guide them, parents see snippets. Any public framework can be added.

Teachers focus on success

Checklists are time-consuming and soul destroying. Learning Stories focus on strengths and success, where the child is the hero. More here .

Why Learning Stories

They help teachers connect to
children, families and a love of teaching

Comprehensive Platform For ECE

Educa supports your program cycle end to end.

  • Differentiated planning
  • Custom forms for collecting child info
  • Learning story templates
  • Child portfolios
  • Parent and teacher messaging

Online, all in one place

Educa is organized around each child’s profile. From “About Me,” Home Language Surveys to Planning to IEPs, etc. to a learning story portfolio. All in one place and visible – supports collaboration and best practice.

Versatile communication

Educa will become the focal point to center communications. There’s a Message Board for news and announcements – to families as a community, by class or any other grouping, e.g., families at home, volunteers. Educa also has separate teacher messaging.

Teacher workflow support

Educa has optional story review workflow that gives senior educators a way to train and mentor in real time. Senior teachers can also be linked to plans and stories to help maintain and lift quality at every step.

Professional development

Each teacher has a private workspace. It includes a teacher portfolio for reflective practice, professional plans, document storage and collaboration opportunities with peers and mentors.

Learn more about Learning Story assessmnent