Creating fruitful learning opportunities each day is a heady responsibility for early educators. Educa helps with:

  • easy documentation and access to prior activity
  • inspiring useful family feedback and
  • encouraging peer collaboration.

Decision making that takes full advantage of these inputs will give rise to more high quality learning experiences. And therefore better learning outcomes.

Showcase Your Approach

Compelling online updates with images and links to learning help parents and peers more clearly see what you do. It also makes feedback easier.

saves teacher time

Streamline, Simplify

Having everything to do with a child in one place — communications, portfolio, planning, daily sheets and more — makes it easy to share and reduces paperwork.

Communications Made Easy

Educa gives you a private channel to your parents. Communication, especially to a phone, builds a tighter connection to parents.

  • Send group messages to one class or to all parents (and extended family)
  • Have private conversations, ether teacher and parent or with other teachers only

Track Your Professional Development

Educa has a private teacher portfolio tab for every educator.

Record evidence on continuous learning for appraisals, registration and accreditation. Link to any teacher standards.

Aligns To Your Approach

Educa is highly flexible. Tailor it to work the way you work.

Create updates in groups or individually. Link to plans or to any curriculum or guidelines you choose, including your own.

Collaborate with peers or mentors, set your own privacy settings, and much more.

How Educa Works

Staff, parents and extended family access Educa by computer, iPad or phone.

Directors use a central dashboard to send alerts, newsletters and announcements. Share forms, policies, etc. in the parent portal.

Teachers plan, document and share activities by class, group or child, and communicate with parents in a private parent-teacher channel.

Easy To Use & Private

This is not complex business software. It is easy to use, designed for early education.  It has privacy settings to protect child data, sharing settings to manage collaboration with families and staff and approval settings to control outbound communications.

Educa is a private community. We do not share, rent or sell your data.  In fact,  unlike Facebook, we do not have rights to use your content – it’s yours.

Finally, Educa is totally secure and private.  Email is not that secure, large public platforms like Facebook are not entirely private. Educa is an encrypted password protected site that solves both problems.

Trusted by 150,000 educators and families worldwide

"We love that we are able to communicate with families about the amazing learning that is happening during their child's time with us and we love to receive their feedback."
Kimberly Vail Trinity Lutheran Preschool
"I am not a big user of IT and was quite apprehensive about using it. Now that I am on Educa, I find it really good and love the feedback I am getting from parents."
Jess Carterton Preschool
"Educa gives educators more time to focus on quality interactions with the children rather than paperwork. It cuts administration time in half."
Julie McClay Cluny Kindergarten

Professional Training

Educa has a support team to help you at every turn, including regular webinar workshops and a  deep help website.

Try For Free

Educa is flexible. It will help you engage parents, streamline your paperwork, leaving you more time for the children.

Our 30 day trial includes access to all aspects of Educa free support

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