Having your documentation online in Educa not only saves time.

Its learning story narrative formats encourage heart-led documentation, capturing the full story of a child’s journey, where the child is the focus and the child is the hero.

Learning stories make teaching and learning visible, enabling an informed exchange of insights and ideas with parents and peers that feeds into better interactions with children, and better learning outcomes.

Documentation Time Saver

Having documentation in one place is a big time saver. Based on user feedback, Educa has dozens of time-saving features, e.g., group observations post to individual records in one click.

Make Teaching Visible

Online documentation linked to curriculum and to your plans improves feedback about learning from parents and makes it easy to share ideas with peers and mentors. These inputs help you make the most of each child interaction.

Create Compelling Stories

Educa observations (or “stories”) can include text, images, videos and documents. There are boxes where you can ask teachers to write reflections. Provide learning context by linking stories to curriculum and to plans.

Connect With Parents Meaningfully

The learning context in Educa – links to plans and curriculum – will start real conversations with parents, helping you better understand each child.

It's All Private and Secure

Educa has sophisticated privacy, access, approval and mentoring settings. Write private notes or share with parents, your call.

Reduce Paper But Print If You Need To

Use the parent portal to post policies, forms and resources. Let parents download what they need, when they need it. Online forms feature reduces paper also. Observations can be printed or viewed online.

Online sharing is the charm!

Use templates, borrow from colleagues, show parents. Get stuff done!

Teacher Portfolios

Every teacher has a private portfolio in Educa.  Record evidence of continuous learning for appraisals, registration, accreditation. Link to any teacher standards.

saves teacher time

Safe Sharing

Each service has its own private website. Privacy settings protect child data, access settings manage collaboration with families and staff, and approval settings control outbound communications.

Trusted by 250,000 educators and families worldwide

"We love that we are able to communicate with families about the amazing learning that is happening during their child's time with us and we love to receive their feedback."
Kimberly Vail Teacher, Trinity Lutheran Preschool
"I am not a big user of IT and was quite apprehensive about using it. Now that I am on Educa, I find it really good and love the feedback I am getting from parents."
Jess Teacher, Carterton Preschool
"Educa gives educators more time to focus on quality interactions with the children rather than paperwork. It cuts administration time in half."
Julie McClay Teacher, Cluny Kindergarten