Easy documentation enables informed decisions.
Share with parents, then use to plan next steps.

In The Classroom

Share Photos & Videos

Use photos and videos to bring your observations and messages to life, right to the parent’s phone.

Document & Share in One Click

Share observations on children, connected to learning goals to inform parents and for documentation.

Curriculum & Frameworks

Upload any curriculum, framework, state guidelines or your own proprietary curriculum. Then edit to fit your needs.

Daily Reports, Routine Management

Share feeding, sleeping and diaper change times with parents  and send notes.

Planning & Online Documentation

Build lesson plan templates, individual or group plans, staff appraisals, any online document. Connect to anything in Educa. Share or don’t share with parents, your call.

Teacher Portfolio

Record your professional development goals, reflections and evidence of progress. Share with a mentor. Use internal teacher messaging to share ideas.

Teacher Collaboration & Mentoring

Share observations or plans with peer educators or mentors before sharing with parents.

Approval Settings

Educa has a range of settings to manage what is shared with parents, with or without supervisor approval.

Communicate Through One Channel

Make sure your messages get through. Replace emails, notices,
Facebook, photo apps, etc. with one secure, private channel.

Engage & Collaborate With Parents

Build Parent Understanding

Online observations, linked to learning goals, creates understanding, more parent-teacher collaboration and better outcomes.

Share Forms, Policies Online

Forms, school policies and resources can be shared, downloadable. This saves time and is a convenience for parents.

Portfolio Access Anytime

Parents can access their child’s record at any time. And they can post feedback or contribute their own photos and stories.

Invite Extended Family, Specialists

Parents can easily invite extended family, specialists & others to share in the updates on their child. Un-invite just as easily.

Streamline By Reducing Paper

When it’s just a click away there’s less need
to print or file it. Save trees, save time.

Our All In One Place Solution

Easy To Use, All In One Place

Get started in a few minutes. Intuitive design makes it easy to learn and easy to use. Educa can replace email, Facebook pages, photo apps, etc.  Communicate on one system, all in one place.

Professional Look

Online newsletters and updates that connect to learning guidelines present your program as professional. It helps to showcase your approach and helps parents understand your philosophies.

Works Everywhere

Access by computer, iPad or phone. Compatible with all of your devices, including iOS and Android.

Free Set Up & Support

Import data from your billing or contact management program. Unlimited phone & email support, with support videos and regular training webinars.

Activity Tracking

Reports track activities ranging from the progress of an individual child to parent engagement and activity.

Important Alerts Are Read

Messages to the phone help make sure alerts and last minute news is read.

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