Your program needs, all in one place.

Supporting Quality Practice

Document and share your educational process, end to end.

Learning Stories

Create beautiful Learning Stories in our smart editor, share with families and save to a child's portfolio in one click. Print with borders, backgrounds and fonts to suit your needs.
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Head Start and state-funded programs use our DRDP assessment to meet their rating obligations, using learning stories as their primary documentation tool.

Differentiated Planning

Create individual or group plans, lesson plans and other layouts. Link to frameworks, collaborate online, re-use plan outlines and share or don’t share with parents, your call.

Link to any Framework

Link to any framework, state guidelines or your own proprietary goals or philosophy. Then edit to fit your needs.

All-Purpose Form Builder

Collect home surveys, documentation such as IEPs, plans, learning stories, private and shared noste, photo galleries and assessments, all in a child’s profile.

Teacher Development

Use the private Teacher Portfolio to record professional goals and reflections. Share with mentors, link to standards. Teacher messaging also.

Collaborate, collaborate!

Work together, share, message, get feedback from parents.

Bring Parents Closer

Build Parent Understanding

Online observations, linked to learning goals, creates understanding, more parent-teacher collaboration and better outcomes.
Unexpected benefits of sharing

Daily Routines

Share feeding, sleeping and diaper change times with parents and send notes.  Learn more

Access Anytime

Post policies, resources and/or detailed announcements on your message board. Parents can access your site any time to see their child’s portfolio and your information.
The power of online

Invite Extended Family, Specialists

Parents can easily invite extended family, specialists & others to share in the updates on their child. Un-invite just as easily.

Are your parents listening?

Replace emails, paper notices, Facebook, photo apps, etc.
with a private channel that goes right to parent phones

Managing Your Service

Easy To Setup

Get started in 30 minutes. Import data from your billing or contact management program. Unlimited support, with help videos and online workshops.

Supporting Teachers

Educa has mentoring settings so that more experienced teachers can support and guide new or less well-trained staff.

Activity Tracking

Reports track activities ranging from the progress of an individual child to parent engagement and activity.

Access From Any Device (with SSO)

Access Educa by browser on any device. Parents use Educa Touch, our free Apple iOS and Android phone apps. Educa supports Google and Microsoft Single Sign On so you don’t need to have a separate Educa password.

Use Policies To Guide Teachers

Use the Policies section to outline your expectations and values, post resources you want teachers to use. Set access for each policy post – teachers only or parents and teachers.

Create Professional Look

Parents expect important updates on their phone, not on paper. Educa has formatting options that will help you convey your program’s professionalism.

Student User

Educa has student user option for older children, used also by schools and special education services.

Making Best Practice Visible

When senior teachers collaborate online, everyone sees what best practice looks like. Teacher portfolios encourage teacher reflection.