Engage Families

Help families participate meaningfully
in their child’s education

Share learning insights, in real time.

Early educators are better when they truly know each child — culture, interests, and true nature. Family feedback plays a crucial part in building this picture.

However, families need something to react to.  Cute pictures and/or dry checklists are unlikely to create that much needed feedback.  

This is where Educa fits in.

Improving Family Engagement

Are your families engaging, meaning are they:

  1. Reading what you send?
  2. Responding to what you send?
  3. Participating by continuing the learning at home?

Family engagement starts with communications and assessment written in language families will read, and understand.

Educa supports family engagement with Learning Stories, heart-led assessment about the child’s activities at the center, that includes sections that describe the learning and outline the teacher’s thinking on next steps. Written in a easy-to-read storytelling format, supported with images and sometimes videos. More on our Learning Story software here.

1/ Are your messages being read?

Keeping families informed about activities at your center builds confidence in the job you are doing for their child.

A story about learning sent to family phones will be read. It’s a perfect opportunity to start a conversation about the child’s education.

2/ Are your families responding?

There’s not much families can say about cute photos and checklist assessments. Images speak themselves and checklists are not engaging.

Most Learning Stories end with a question for the family, an invitation to respond.

3/ Collaboration around learning

The idea of  “parents as partners” (24/7 partners) is a holy grail of early childhood education all around the world. This only works if families and teachers are not on the same page.  Learning Stories make this extension or continuity in learning much more possible. 

For Families

Peace of mind, always connected

Find out about events at the center as they happen, not days or weeks later. Updates come right to your phone — stories, images and videos. Check our child’s online portfolio at any time.

Families contribute stories

Families can also contribute their own “parent stories” to their child’s portfolio. Or add notes or images of follow-on activities at home as a response to a teacher story.

Create a closer adult connection

The Educa Touch app is private and secure channel that is conducive to candid conversations, real feedback that can help your child’s development.

Invite extended family, specialists

Invite grand-parents overseas, specialists, next year’s teacher. Create a community around your child to support the learning.

Family Engagement Tools in Educa

Parents are invited on to Educa and can then invite extended family and specialists.

Individual or group  stories can be read by families on any device. Educa has free iOS and Android apps. 

Educa has reports to track family engagement overall and by family.

"Educa helped me trigger conversations with my son about his day and he was excited to share his experiences with the whole family. I was also able to communicate an important milestone with his teacher through a parent story. So thanks for helping take Hayden’s days at the Boulevard to a new level."
Danielle Gillard
Parent, The Boulevard ELC

Private & Secure

Early learning services choose Educa in part because it has layers of privacy protections and because it is secure. Parents control access to their child’s profile and no-one can find their account unless you invite them.

Free to Parents

Parents and extended family can log in using our Educa Touch app or online, to see a child’s portfolio and recent updates any time, from anywhere in the world.

Family Notices

Newsletters, field trip notices, policies and more are available on Educa. You no longer have to search through piles of paper or ask for a new copy.

Why Mum Danielle loves Educa