• Free Educa Online Workshops

    Join a free training webinar to make the most of Educa.

Introduction to Educa

This online workshop will walk your through a successful start and show you the main sections of Educa. See how you Educa can help you engage families and collaborate with your peers.

In this online workshop you will learn:

  • Educa overview
  • Getting your private site set up
  • Adding children & inviting parents
  • Creating beautiful updates for parents
  • Have your questions answered

Mastering Educa

If you have the Educa basics down and wonder what else Educa can do for you, this online workshop is for you.

In this online workshop we will cover:

  • Planning
  • Using approvals and mentoring features to control what parents see
  • Teacher portfolios
  • Replacing paper daily reports with our online Routines feature (was called Carebook)
  • Have your questions answered

Workshops on Planning, Routines, Educa Touch

From time to time, as we announce added functionality on various aspects of Educa, we will run workshops dedicated to one feature only. For instance, since our recent upgrade to the Planning module we have been running workshops.

If you have a feature you’d like to see a workshop on, please let us now here.