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ECE Documentation Your Teachers & Families Will Love!

Make it about the child, using learning stories Assessments can be time-consuming with unclear benefits. Or they can be life-affirming and precious for teachers, families and children.  Many early educators around are not fond of documentation, defined here as assessments … Read More

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learning stories as authentic assessment

Learning Stories as Authentic Assessment

The case for using stories to document a child’s learning journey Learning stories are documentation “for,” not documentation “of.” Dr. Annie White Traditional assessment is documentation “of” — reflections on a child in checkpoint format. By contrast, learning stories are … Read More

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Dr. Annie White on Learning Stories in America

Advocating for Learning Stories as an Assessment Alternative, The Making of a Movement. “Starting with an assessment checklist and then adding anecdotes is time-consuming. Why not do it the other way around? Write the stories, and then connect to objectives.” Dr. … Read More

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A Writer’s Guide to Amazing Learning Stories That Will Engage Parents

Want Educa parents to give you feedback on your learning stories? Make them amazing using these writer’s tips and they’ll be commenting in no time!

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Tom Drummond on the Power of Story Telling in Early Education

Why Tom Drummond wants teachers to become storytellers. Tom Drummond, an emeritus educator of children and adults, watched as Josie, one of his preschool students, pushed the piece of paper she was painting toward the paint tray until it formed a … Read More

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An Introduction to Learning Stories by Kelly Goodsir

The What, Why, How and When of Learning Stories as an Assessment Tool The great thing about learning stories is that they fit within the pedagogy of relationships and focus on highlighting the strengths, persistence, mastery and curiosity of the … Read More

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The Magic of Learning Stories

Bringing Learning To Life – Why Learning Stories Like any good book, every learning story has a plot and a hero. In a learning story, the hero is always the child. And instead of an epic battle in an enchanted … Read More

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Thought Leader Interview: Kelly Goodsir

ON MAKING EARLY EDUCATION TRULY CHILD CENTRIC AND PERSONAL, NOT COPY AND PASTE Educa recently interviewed Kelly Goodsir, a provocateur and thought leader in the Australian early childhood education sector. After years in various roles in New Zealand and Australia … Read More

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