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Make Your Messages Work For You!

Using your message home page effectively means parents don’t need to go looking for information. It’s all there in a single location for them to scroll through.  Plus – everyone can see it – parents, teachers, educators, and extended family. Grandparents love the dashboard – it makes them feel a part of daily life – especially if they’re overseas. They can comment, ask questions and provide feedback on your messages and posts. It’s a winner.

Here’s a quote from an Educa customer

Scrolling through messages is like a Facebook news feed. Viewing all the latest news this way makes it so accessible and fun to read! 

Use Educa messages to post content tailored for your families. 

If your messages are not getting feedback you’re missing an opportunity – so we’re here to help!


  • Monthly newsletters
  • Notices about upcoming events/field trips – parents can RSVP on the dashboard
  • Health and Safety Notices
  • Vacancies for children to attend a day/time slot


1. Activities to Try at Home

How about an”eye spy” post using a letter of the week.

Extending what’s happening in the centre to home gets the family involved. If children are involved creating posts like these (finding things starting with that letter to post up on the dashboard)  then they can locate more items at home!

2. Parenting/Learning Resources

Seen an article you know parents should read? – post a link!

Links to interesting parenting articles, new research on current teaching strategies, or childhood related quotes will all get your parents reading and commenting.

Share some of the learning resources you’ve used – or a recipe for goop so parents can try it at home.

Like our Facebook Page for some ideas to share! 

3. Songs, Actions and Performances

Put song lyrics on the dashboard so parents can help children learn the words or dance for an upcoming performance. You can even post videos of performances for parents who can’t attend.

The months of the year macarena will never be cuter than when their child performs it.

4. As it happens…

Post videos of events “as they happen” – because Educa is immediate. Is there a special visitor at the centre like Seaweed Sally? Has a duckling hatched in the car park? Did the local fire and rescue service come to discuss fire safety? Hand the video or phone to someone (get a child’s eye view), upload it, post it and you’ve shared that irreplaceable moment with your families.

5. Write About Community Fundraising Events

Hosting a trivia night, having a working bee – get the information out there.

That poster you designed deserves to be on the dashboard where everyone can see it – Keep it green Read on the screen! Keep parents updated with fundraising tallies, remind them when an event is getting closer – then celebrate with them when the funds are distributed.

6.  What’s Going On Behind the Scenes at Your Service?

The message board is a great place to introduce new staff members with a bio, photo and their interests. Celebrate when a staff member gets an award or does something amazing.

Keep parents informed about upcoming changes at your service (e.g., a new playground area, new resources or changes to the curriculum). Ask for parent feedback on proposed changes – you might be surprised with their input.

Get the parents involved – many heads make for creative ideas (and maybe they’ll volunteer some skills).

7. Weekly Recap of Events

Why not post a quick list or visual rundown of the week – using pictures or a video has so much impact.

Make a collage using CANVA (quick, simple and free) – choose one of their free templates and drop your images in – (note they also have free themed templates – easter/christmas/thank you/happy birthday which you can use as a post on their own!) download as a .jpg then upload to the dashboard as a photo – parents will be amazed with your design skills!

VISIT our Knowledge Base for Teachers for simple instructions on how to edit messages to your families

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