Looking for a process art activity that’s bright, messy and loads of fun? Try out some SPLAT PAINTING!

What you Need:

  • A long roll sheet of butcher’s paper/brown paper
  • An outside space to lay paper flat (secure to the ground with tape or heavy objects)
  • Paint (watercolors/watered down acrylics/washable paint)


SPLATterers – Here are some ideas to get you started

Rice in Pantyhose – Toddler Approved

Toothbrushes –  Arty Crafty Kids

Pompoms and Watercolors –  Fun a Day

Mallets and Cotton pads – Crafty Morning

Cut up sponge splat balls – Paging Fun Mums. These splat balls are great to make for using in water play too!

splat art guide

PROCESS/SENSORY ART – See the colours mixing, feel the paint against fingers, hear the splat hitting the paper, smell the paint…evaluate the marks as they’re made with different splatter tools.

GROSS MOTOR: Vary the size of objects (swinging/squeezing/throwing) for a gross motor activity.

SCIENCE: experiment using gravity (dropping splat balls from different heights) as a science activity.


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