Partnering with families is one of the key components of their education philosophy: 

“Build secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between educators and families and support parents as they balance work and family life. Partnership with families is important and family participation is welcomed and encouraged”

— Sandcastles: Our Philosophy

Director Samantha Kelly and her team of highly qualified and experienced educators provide an excellent early learning program under the Early Years Learning Framework. Her team strives to prepare children for education by encouraging creativity, inquisitiveness, and wonder by learning through play.

Samantha Kelly - Centre Director Samantha Kelly – Centre Director

With busy parents and even busier educators, Samantha and her team needed an easy way to communicate with families and keep them involved in their child’s learning at Sandcastles.

Since Sandcastles began using Educa, they’ve seen parent engagement skyrocket.

“It’s easy to send quick communication to families and they receive notifications to know when we upload a story or message. Parents can instantly look at photos and a story about what their child has done while they are at work/home,” says Samantha.

“Parents are able to look at what the children have done before picking them up and then discuss with their children about their day. They can also look at their day when at home with their children rather than just asking what they’ve done and getting a response such as “nothing”.

It’s a great way for parents to emphasise the importance of their child’s learning, and feel connected to their development.

Samantha and her team are also finding the connection between parents and staff has grown. Here’s an example of a post from Christmas, when Samantha used their Educa dashboard to let parents know children had a gift under the tree.

By the next morning parents were already sharing their experiences (excerpt below). This immediate feedback has three results:

Happy children, happy parents, happy Director!

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