New Planning & Online Documentation Features

Online Documentation Made Easy For Early Childhood Educators

Online documentation and planning in early education have just been made a lot easier with the release of Educa’s new planning module.

As the demands on early childhood educators have grown, online documentation has become even more valuable. It keeps everyone on the same page (educators and parents), it saves time and it provides powerful linking opportunities.

This is why Educa is proud to announce a significant update in its online planning module with two over-arching goals:

  1. Customisable online document creation
  2. Planning tools that fit your process

Our upgrade meets these goals, makes plans easy to print, maintains privacy settings and preserves Educa’s loved easy-to-use look and feel.

What’s Changed?

Most importantly, we have created templates and editing options that allow you to create a wide variety of online documents. Here’s a video on how that works.

Add Options & Functionality

We have added a range of new options in our planning module, including:

Make documents with variable rows, column and field function.

Link plans to other plans. For instance, a weekly class plan might include link to individual child plans.

Link plans to individual child stories and to group stories.

Duplicate plans as a starting point for a new plan.

Control parent visibility — for entire plans and private fields in a shared plan.

Share plans with other centres if you are part of a group.

Share a plan with other teachers, either all teacher or select individual teachers.

Templates –  Lesson Plans, Staff Appraisals, EYLF

We have added several templates, both vertical and in our new table format. Everything can be edited and changed. This flexibility means you can recreate all kinds of paper documents online — easier to collaborate and share — while still retaining the ability to print.

New Templates, More To Follow

Here are a few of the new templates available to Educa users as a starting point:

  1. EYLF Planning Cycle – in-depth (vertical form) or summary (table) plans
  2. Lesson Plan by Week – Organise your classes, subjects, activities or learning interests using this day by day planner.
  3. Lesson Prep Sheet – Plan in detail the topics you want cover and the materials you will need.
  4. Staff Appraisal Template – Record and track how teachers are performing and link their goals with specific stories and plans that meet those goals and outcomes.

We will add more templates over the next few months. If you have a suggestion for a template, please let us know here.

Note, we have a planning worksop coming up here.

For more info, check out our Help Resources or register for an Educa workshop here.

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