Looking for simple, effective and fun learning activities for preschoolers?

We’ve got your back team!

Here are three easy, low cost learning activities children will love. Active supervision is essential for all activities!

1. Block Matching

Tools: Assorted blocks, crayons or felts and a large sheet of paper.

Process: Trace the shape of each block on to the paper with the corresponding colour. Ask the children to match the blocks with the shapes.

2. Straw Structures

* Not suitable for children under three.

Tools: Straws and marshmallows  (stale works best!).

Process: Cut the straws in half and let the kids build by connecting the straws with marshmallows.

3. Pasta Threading

Tools: Play dough, straws or sticks, pasta cylinders (Rigatoni works well).

Process: Roll out a play dough base and poke straws into the dough standing upright. Ask the children to thread the pasta on to the straws.

We hope you give some of these a go.

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