Susan Johnson is a Kindergarten Director with over 30 years of teaching experience. She currently runs a modern, play based learning program in Melbourne, Australia that is firmly rooted in communication and strong family relationships.

Susan and her team began using Educa to document and share children’s learning with families nine months ago, and have received an exceeding ACECQA Rating with compliments in regards to their strong family relationships.

Before Educa, staff at the Kindergarten were using a host of different tools to communicate and share learning information. This was both inconvenient and time consuming.

 “Educa offered us the chance to combine all the tools into one,” says Susan. “I am now able to spend far less time on paper work than I did before.”

Improving quality of observations.

Trying to show how programming linked to documentation and activities at the Kindergarten was difficult prior to Educa.

Now, Susan and her team are able to connect programming and documentation using Educa so that families, staff and assessors can clearly see the link.

“Photos can now be given meaning with just a short sentence or link to an outcome,” says Susan.

Delighting Families

Susan and her team think the feedback and reactions they get from families via Educa is the most rewarding thing about using the software.

“Families love the information they receive about our program and what the children are doing each day,” says Susan. “I love the dashboard, I use this often and get lots of feedback from parents.  It is so easy to keep a track on the information that has been sent out.”

When asked what she would say to other senior directors who are considering making the switch to online documentation, Susan’s advice was:

“DO IT NOW! It is like a breath of fresh air for all those willing to give it ago as if used efficiently it gives more time to complete other things and it strengthens the link to families.”


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