“All children are born ready to learn, but for 15 million children living in poverty in America, they enter school unready to succeed. ”

— Save the Children: Early Steps to School Success
Image: People.com
Image: People.com


Jennifer Garner is a Golden Globe winning actor (for TV Series Alias). Her impressive resume of television and movie roles see her considered as Hollywood royalty. Since 2009 Garner has also been an Artist Ambassador for non profit organisation Save the Children.

In her role as ambassador, Garner went before congress in 2010 to talk about the need for investment in early childhood education across the entire United States.

Now, as part of her 6 year term as a  Board of Trustees member, Garner continues her mission to advocate for early education, seeing it both as a means to break the poverty cycle and as an investment for the future.

She wants the gap closed so every child in America can access quality education – particularly early education.

“We can help these kids start school on an equal footing with your kids or mine by giving their mothers support and encouragement when they need it the most—during those critical first five years of their child’s life, when 90 percent of brain growth occurs. ”

— Jennifer Garner: Huffington Post

Seen here speaking before a state legislative committee in Kentucky in 2016, Garner asks lawmakers to keep supporting Save the Children programs, pointing out that “consistency is key”. She also reiterates that the poverty gap in the States means “1 book for every 13 children compared to 13 books for every 1 child” in middle class families. Early literacy is supported by making reading materials, games and play available to young children, before the first years of school, as well as educating parents. Note: Speaking alongside Garner is Mark K. Shriver, (President – Save the Children Action Network).

Support for early childhood education reform seems to be one area of US politics where there is bipartisan support in this election year. According to the U.S News “voters see early childhood education as a necessity for American families. 88 percent of voters agree that access to quality early learning is a need, not a luxury, for all the working families out there doing their best to pay the bills”.

Garner has spent time traveling across America visiting Save the Children Programs and seeing them in action. Here she witnesses first hand the impact of early learning on families involved. Both the children and parents benefit when early learning is fostered. Jennifer Garner is a powerful voice for the Early Steps to School Success program that Save the Children wants to implement across the entire nation.

For further information visit Save the Children: Early Steps to Success

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