Since 2010, Educa has built software that has changed the early childhood education industry. Now we are changing Educa’s look and feel!

Educa was the first to provide a mobile friendly cloud-based ‘learning story’ app to the ECE community. The passion and dedication it took to get Educa to where it is today can be felt in every aspect of the ePortfolio software product and company.

Educa has continued to innovate and deliver the best experience for our 150,000 users. To ensure we remain the best and easiest to use ece software we have listened to our user’s feedback and will be introducing a series of changes to the Educa platform to improve user experience; starting this week.

We are excited to announce that our new site look and feel is clean and simple, making it even easier for you to find what you’re looking for. The improvements will include new colours, buttons and helpful icons:


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The changes to Educa will make it easier to locate the information you need with a simplified browsing and mobile user experience. What you love about Educa is not changing. The content on each page and the way you work in the Educa platform are not changed at all, they are simply more user friendly.



“We are very excited to share our new look with our growing community. The Educa team works hard to reflect the spirit and energy of our vibrant ECE community, and our new look and feel does this.”

– Grant Richardson, CEO

We hope you’ll enjoy using the new look Educa. Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Neville Siebert

    Can’t read the text, too small

  2. Averil Marshall

    are you going to put a draft button on the planning sheet?

  3. Giles and Sharon Lees

    It gives me great pleasure to say we will be popping down to see you sometime soon because we are stopping at Sam and Bec’s place . See you soon . Giles and Sharon

  4. Janetta

    Educa updates look great, thanks! I love the convenience and simplicity of using Educa to follow the daily activities of my children in daycare, and love the two-way communication ability with my ECE provider. Really great feature of the platform.

    I do have a question about where I can go to learn about the security of data, it’s storage and accessibility between individual users and e.g. ECE service providers?

  5. ripan

    It looks like will b more easy to use….

  6. Greg

    When will you apply these changes? My educa still showing the old style look.

  7. Muralee

    It looks good to me

  8. Marisa Nelson (More Nana)

    This is great – I really enjoy seeing how well Mason and Seb are doing – they certainly enjoy pre-school.

  9. Raewyn Thomson

    Looks impressive although as a Grandma I never had an issue with the old format. I am constantly amazed that you take the time in your busy days to to fit all this in. Well done

  10. Rachel Allan

    would be great if the child’
    s goal setting could be included on this profile page too that would make it AMAZING!!!

  11. Linda

    It’s a pity that when teachers open Educa that they don’t see a list of their portfolio children straight away anymore – that was really very handy!

    • sonjallewellyn

      I agree with you Linda. I think for educators the dashboard should be all about you specifically with your profile children and even other notes. Dashboard messages are usually just for parents anyway the staff don’t need to see that or if they do they could look it up on a tab or something.

  12. Jane

    Is there an Educa App?

  13. Evelyn Hatfield

    The script is too small and pale.

  14. Raewyn Kelly

    I am enjoying reading about my grandchildrens progress and seeing photos .

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