New to Educa is our Learning Statements feature. Learning statements are designed to facilitate communication between everyone interested in a child’s learning, as they transition from early childhood education into school.

This article is one of two in a series. This simple guide walks you through creating an individual Learning Statement.  Follow these step by step instructions to create a child’s unique Learning Statement, share it with their parents and have it sent to the child’s school.

If you prefer, you can watch our helpful video, available here

1. Select the child. Then ‘View Profile’ for the child you would like to create a learning statement for.

2. Once the child’s profile has been selected, simply select the ‘Learning Statement’ option.

3. Select ‘Start new statement’

4. Open the statement that you will be filling out.

5. You will find that the statement is split into 3 sections.

Section 1 lists the child’s profile information – this is automatically taken from the child’s Educa profile:

Section 2 is the Educator Section which the educator needs to fill out.

Section 3 is the Parent Section. This is for the parent to fill out.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to share this form with the parent.

6. Once the form has been completed by the parent and the educator, the parent needs to sign the consent section. Click here to send them a consent email (yes this button does look like the one above):

A pop up will appear. Now select ‘This person can view and approve the educator sections of the statement‘:

Once you have selected this box, click the orange button to “send email”.

7. Now that the Learning Statement is finished, and approved, you can publish it. This means you are sharing it with a child’s school.

Hooray, you are done!  It’s that simple.

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