“Not everything can be captured with pictures and written observations.”

– Belinda Appleby, Teacher at Golden Square Kindergarten. 

Having the ability to share learning in real time with families is a powerful thing. When children at Golden Square discovered a dead bug recently, head teacher Belinda was able to video the children’s reactions and share the video with families instantly using Educa.

“This one minute of video has been watched over and over again. The children are having some really terrific conversations about what sort of bug it was, how it might have died and what the ants were doing to it… these are the type of moments we want to be able to share with families. Educa makes that possible,”  says Belinda.

Outdoor activities at Golden Square Outdoor activities at Golden Square Playing In The Mud Playing In The Mud

Golden Square Kindergarten is a standalone kindergarten in Victoria, Australia. They have 111 children and 13 staff who are all connected with Educa.

Giving Parents Peace of Mind

The staff at Golden Square have found that sharing photos and videos via Educa not only helps them to capture special moments in an engaging way, it also helps to put parents at ease.

“A child was experiencing separation anxiety. The parents were quite distressed about leaving their upset child. We were able to send them a photo and a video of their child happily engaged in the program minutes after they left,” says Belinda.

The parents commented that being able to see this instantly on Educa meant they were able to continue with their day and focus at work without worrying or feeling guilty.

Connecting with Communities

Technology has made it easy for staff to reach out to the wider community and communicate with everyone at once. A teacher at Golden Square recently used an Educa dashboard messages to see if families could help with leading some children’s interest activities such as pottery, gymnastics and basketball.

“Within half an hour we had messages, phone calls and parents offering services and help. We even have a session planned with our National basketball team the Bendigo Spirit,” says Belinda.

Teamwork! Teamwork!

100% family involvement

“Families are now adding their own stories with photos and comments about what the children are doing at home, especially if they do something special or go on holidays,” says Belinda.

This is a great way to find out more about the children’s unique interests and gives us an insight into their home life.

“The parents have really embraced Educa, the two groups that are using it fully have 100% of families accessing it regularly. Our latest feedback sheets have parents talking a lot, at our family night parents were raving about Educa,” says Belinda.

Many families have extended family locally, interstate and overseas that are following their child’s progress and are adding comments and personal messages to the children regularly.”

To learn more about the fantastic program at Golden Square Kindergarten, visit their website for more information.

Thanks to Belinda Appleby and the team at Golden Square for sharing their story.

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