Making Collages, Cartoons & More on Educa


Ready to take your Educa learning stories and observations to the next level with some amazing images? Dave Harris – National Sales Manager (Australia) —  is here to show you how!

“An app that creates an image (eg. a collage) or a video is a perfect way to produce content you can share with your families through Educa.”

— Dave Harris

Any image you save can be uploaded to Educa

Any image can be uploaded to Educa

I often get asked by educators using Educa how to make more creative story layouts in Educa.

My number one tip is “anything you can save to your camera roll/photo library on your iPad or tablet (or smartphone) can be uploaded to Educa”.

Candid shots, action shots, portraits, artworks, excursions, play, art, STEM, conversations, interactions with educators, events, visitors… these all provide authentic opportunities for images that educators can use to enrich their observations and learning stories.

Now, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way of producing beautiful looking images then here are some apps I recommend, as well as a video to walk you through how to use them.  It’s really easy!

So what are my top 3?


1. Strip Designer

My personal favourite would have to be Strip Designer (iPad/iPhone). It’s simple to use with a whole range of templates that help you to create content and sensational comic strips like the one below.

Use Strip Designer to include children's comments as they discover and learn

Use Strip Designer to include children’s comments as they discover and learn

2. Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a ‘go to’ app to have in your toolbox for creating simple photo collages (available for apple, android, windows) so that you can easily combine images. A perfect example would be a collage from a process art lesson. With pic collage you can combine an “art in action” shot with an image of the finished artwork to share with parents the processes as well as the product.

3. Vidstitch

Give your videos and images the professional edge with Vidstitch – Free (android, apple, windows) or Vidstitch Pro. Vidstitch is brought to you by Instagram. Use the provided templates, add your own pictures and videos and upload to Educa. Here’s how to include it into your learning story (with a little help from Siri).


If you know of a useful app that we could share with Educa users – we would love to hear of some new ones!

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