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Webinar Themes: Educational Quality Practice & ECE Business Management

At Educa, we share your belief that every child’s early experiences at home and school should be inspiring and engaging. We also know high-quality interactions with children and parents require inspired teachers. And so we have decided to host a series of free webinars on innovative thinking and quality practice in ECE, presented by leading thought leaders from around the world.

Our goals are to inject new thinking into the always interesting early education conversation, giving early educators insights into what’s going on in the sector, both locally and in other parts of the world.

Check out the webinar schedule here.

There will be two parallel themes throughout the year:

  1. Educational Quality Practice
  2. ECE Business Management

Educational Quality Practice Webinars

Most of our presenters will be from New Zealand and Australia, describing reflective practice, learning stories, building a philosophy, inquiry-based learning, and the like, mainly addressing play based philosophies.

ECE Business Management

Childcare services and preschools are under increasing scrutiny these days, from regulators and from parents who are becoming increasingly tuned into the value of early education, a good thing.

This period of change though brings with it risks and business challenges.  For instance, it raises the bar on maintaining a consistently high-level of staff service.  And it makes parent tours even more critical as parents focus more on service quality than convenience.

About The Webinars

We will be running webinars in both the Australasian and North American time zones.  You can check out what’s upcoming on our Webinars page here.

Note, in all cases, our webinars are free and as long as you register, we will send you a recording after the event.


Suggestions Welcome!

If you have any topics you’d like covered or thought leaders you’d like to recommend as presenters, please let us know.

Attendance Certificates

PS. Coming soon, Attendance Certificates. By the time the first webinar starts on February 14, 2018 we expect to provide attendance certificates if requested.


  1. Kelly Goodsir

    A fantastic offering for those in early childhood to receive quality training for FREE!

  2. Catherine

    Kia Ora Kelly
    I have watched and listened to your reflective practice, bigger narrative, and inquiry based learning webinars. How do I go about receiving the certificates?
    Thank you in advance

    • Educa Support

      Hi Catherine!

      Thanks for getting in touch with us.

      Professional Development Certificates are provided to those who attend the entirety of the live webinar. Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide these for those who watch the Webinar Replay.

      If you believe that you should have received a Certificate, please email me at


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